Etienne Daho celebrates his 40-year career: "I never imagined it would last this long"

The singer summons for BFMTV the memory of his debut, 40 years ago, with the album Mythomaniac, which it republishes today.

Etienne Daho was 25 years old in 1981 when he took his first steps on the French pop scene. The young singer arrived with a first album, Mythomaniac, carried by the title He won’t say. A first foray into the musical landscape which resulted in commercial failure. While this end of the year 2021 marks his 40 years of career, the singer returns for BFMTV on this disc, and what he remembers:

“My first album, other than it was a big tin, that four people in my family bought?” He jokes, before continuing: “I remember that it’s a fantastic experience to be able to do a few songs and suddenly end up in the studio. Let it come out, let it exist. “

“I thought I would make an album and then maybe go back to college afterwards,” he recalls. “I didn’t have too much ambition, I never imagined it would last that long. It was beyond what I could have imagined, anyway.”

A voice “like a signature”

This album, which is released for this special anniversary, was a first milestone in the artist’s career. Three years later, Etienne Daho tried again with The night, the night. On this second test figure Weekend in Rome, instant success, which remains to this day one of the most emblematic titles of his career. The following year, Etienne Daho secured his first sold-out Olympia.

If his style has changed over the years, one element has remained the same: his voice, recognizable above all. “At first, I sang as I spoke. I didn’t know, I hadn’t learned,” he recalls, before adding:

“This voice has become like a signature, a trademark, the object of criticism too, but in the end it is an immediately recognizable voice. I am immediately recognized. Even with a mask or a hat in the street , as soon as I open my mouth it’s screwed. “

To celebrate his emerald wedding anniversary with the public, Etienne Daho unveiled the new single a few weeks ago. Virus X, derived in several remixes. He also released the reissue of the Sentenced to death, his tour with Jeanne Moreau between recitation and setting to music of a poem by Jean Genet, ten years ago. Etienne Daho will receive on December 3, the Grand medal of French song from the French Academy and plans to release a new album in 2022.

Philippe Dufreigne, Lorène de Susbielle, Benjamin Pierret

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