Etienne Daho recounts his arrest in C à vous (VIDEO)

Étienne Daho, the singer of the hit Weekend in Romerecounted his arrest in 1976 for the theft of a car live in It’s up to you. An anecdote that greatly amused the columnists of the show and its host.

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Étienne Daho, the very famous singer of hits Weekend in Rome Where First daywas the guest, this Thursday, November 24, of the show It’s up to you by host Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine on France 5. He was invited to present his new book co-written with journalist Sylvie Coma, Etienne Daho, a secret book, in which he returns with great sincerity to his forty-year career, his many essential albums and his most striking anecdotes. He also confided in a youthful mistake.

“When I got back in the car, I got squeezed”

I have a good life, there’s nothing I could be ashamed of”wrote the songwriter in his new book. He recounts without taboo his arrest in 1976 for having “borrowed” a Renault 4L downstairs from his home and even published in his autobiography the photos taken of him at the time at the police station. The 66-year-old singer also names this photograph with great humor my period scum”. Étienne Daho told the chroniclers on the set this anecdote with a certain lightness. “It’s funny. In fact, I was planning to return the car, it was just a loan. I wanted to go down downtown for a drink and when I got back in the car I got squeezed.” he remembered.

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“Proud, I wouldn’t go that far”

And the anecdote does not stop there, since a person working in the police sent him a message several years later to send him the photographs of his arrest after having discovered them. The singer of like a boomerang then boasted about the authenticity of the photos: There are plenty of fake things like that, but mine is real.” However, he admitted not being proud of this anecdote although it is a good memory: “Proud, I wouldn’t go that far. I’m glad I did.” he acknowledged.

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