EU decides whether nuclear power and gas as "green" Energies apply

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The decision of the ME-Commission for Taxonomy Regulation is getting closer and so is the answer to the question of whether Nuclear energy and natural gas the guidelines for sustainable financial investments correspond.

Both energy sources were still missing from the relevant legal act when it was presented in April. In October a state initiative called under Of France Lead the Commission to Nuclear Energy “Green” admit.

Not only Austria against it

Club 3 with Federal Minister Leonore Gewessler

According to Environment Minister Leonore Gewesslern (Greens), the use of nuclear power and fossil gas causes considerable damage

Austria would in that case Legal remedies seize. For the Austrian Environment Minister Leonore Gewessler If nuclear power and gas were included in the taxonomy, (green) would be no less than theirs credibility at stake: “The taxonomy makes it clear which economic activities serve our environmental goals and do not cause any significant damage. From this short definition alone it becomes clear: That can neither apply to nuclear power nor to fossil gas. For this reason there is also no legal basis for the inclusion of nuclear power in the taxonomy “, argued Gewessler on the basis of two legal opinions.

Austria is not alone with this opinion, Germany is also against nuclear energy in the taxonomy. Both countries as well as Denmark, Portugal and Luxembourg appeared together at the two weeks ago UN climate conference in Glasgow on the other hand. At the same time, the five-state union also emphasized that it goes without saying that every EU state should stand freewhat energies he is betting on. The same was also in a joint letter to the EU Commission, at that time with Spain but without Portugal.

Macron: Without nuclear energy, there will be no climate neutrality by 2050

France and fellow campaigners, especially Eastern European countries, however, argue with the need of atomic energy as an “affordable, stable and independent source of energy” that is more than that CO2-neutral may be. According to the law firm’s opinion Redeker-Sellner-Dahs However, it is “irrelevant that the generation of nuclear power is often viewed as a low-CO2 activity. As such, this is not enough to meet the requirements of the Taxonomy Ordinance,” it says.

French President Emmanuel Macron In any case, is back on nuclear energy and also said that the Climate neutrality by 2050 cannot be reached without it – 70 percent of French electricity comes from nuclear power plants. France became Minister of Finance earlier this week Bruno the Mayor then quoted in the “Handelsblatt” with the words: “We cannot think taxonomy without nuclear power” – nuclear energy “is part of French identity”.

The outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel also spoke up and emphasized on the one hand that nuclear power is a bridging technology for France, but “we say that for us Natural gas as a bridging technology must be classified, “said Merkel. The EU Commission is smart enough to know that in the end a Overall strategy to the climate protection strategy “Fit for 55“is necessary. Austria rejects all plans to include nuclear power and fossil gas in the taxonomy:” We have already communicated this point of view to the Commission several times and have backed it up with a legal opinion, “Minister Gewessler told the APA.

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