Euro-2022 hand: the Blues fall from above

The Blues have completely slipped on the ground of ice. Lost in defense with the absence of Ludovic Fabregas (flu symptoms) and in attack with the package of Kentin Mahé, announced positive for Covid-19 the same morning, the men of Erick Mathé lost their means in front of Icelanders also very weakened by the Covid, but led by the enormous performances of left-hander Omar Magnusson and goalkeeper Viktor Hallgrimsson.

Mathé, who replaces Guillaume Gille, also positive for Covid-19, would certainly have preferred another first. Because with this heavy defeat, the Blues are in a very uncomfortable position for a qualification for the semi-finals.

They will have to beat Montenegro (Monday, 8:30 p.m.) and the Danish favorites (Wednesday, 8:30 p.m.), and in addition by a large success over the Olympic vice-champions, to keep the hope of climbing into the last four.

Iceland is down to 4 points, like France, and above all has a largely favorable goal difference compared to the French, built up thanks to a superb match.

Accustomed to the beginnings of canon meetings, the Blues were surprised by the Icelandic enthusiasm. On the back base, Omar Magnusson had fun with the tricolor defense weakened by the absences of Fabregas and Konan to score 8 goals in the first period (10 in total).

Behind, Viktor Hallgrimsson was not only giant in size at the top of his double meter (2.03 m). The goalkeeper simply disgusted the Blues, delivering 15 saves.

Little surprising then, to see the French team trailing by seven goals at the break.

Don’t start getting annoyed“, launched Mathé at the quarter of an hour of play, when his people were already led by four goals.

Too feverish in the face of a defense that often seemed unsinkable, the French were never able to come back to score, scoring only 11 goals in the second act.

And the clapping initiated by the supporters of “Our boys“(Our boys) came to magnify the success of Gudmundur Gudmundsson’s men a little more, ignoring the few flashes of Wesley Pardin or Aymeric Minne (5 goals).

Moreover, Omar Magnusson and Viggo Kristjansson, authors of 19 goals between them, also continued to take part in the spectacle.

Viktor Hallgrimsson meanwhile stopped the last penalty offered to France at the end of the match. The icing on the cake.

The last time the Icelanders beat the Blues was in 2015, as part of the Golden League in Oslo (25-23). But this victory, Saturday, in a Budapest Arena largely won over to their cause, will undoubtedly have more flavor. While for the France team, the evening is much more bitter.

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