European summit: unanimity expected on Ukraine, tensions in sight on energy

The Twenty-Seven should grant this Thursday to Ukraine and Moldova the status of official candidate for membership. More difficult is the discussion on energy. Belgium pleads the urgency of a coordinated European response to counter rising prices and the risk of shortages.

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Lhe 27 Heads of State and Government are meeting this Thursday and Friday in Brussels for a Summit which has “a historic dimension”, stresses a European diplomat. What seemed unimaginable not so long ago should, indeed, bring (required) unanimity to the table: Ukraine and Moldova will be granted official candidate status for membership. “It’s not every day that we take a decision on the future architecture of the European Union”, insists the same diplomat. An eminently symbolic act, underline several sources. But that is not just a symbol: if these two States actually become members, another Europe will take shape. Not tomorrow because, even if the conditions laid down for the opening of negotiations are one day met, the process will be (very) long. This does not preclude reflection, right now, on the absorption capacity, by the Union, of a country like Ukraine.

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