Eurovision 2022: France Télévisions reacts to the disappointing result of Alvan & Ahez

From our special correspondent in Turin (Italy). At the end of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, which resulted in the landslide victory of Ukraine represented by the group Kalush Orchestra and the song Stefania, Tele-Leisure was able to gather the reaction of Alvan & Ahez (to be found here), representatives of France with Fulenn, who arrived penultimate in the competition, but also of the head of the French delegation Alexandra Redde-Amiel, also director of entertainment and games for France Télévisions. “France has chosen and dared to present on the stage of theEurovision something different: this great French pride which is that of telling about Brittany, its language and French traditions“, she introduces.

We hold our heads up high

We continue to be proud of what we are, proud to claim, proud to dare, because only people who don’t dare do nothingassumes Alexandra Redde-Amiel. It is important to continue to be proud to be French by our characters, by our cultures. This is what makes us hold our heads high today. Yes, for sure, we are disappointed. We never like to be at the end. But what must be remembered is that the proposals of all these countries, which show their DNA, which claim what they are… I believe that we are lucky to be French, and I believe that we are lucky to have shown on the stage of Torino that we will continue to be proud of who we are. Daring, innovating, proposing, that’s part of what we want to do at France Télévisions.

Alexandra Redde-Amiel, director of entertainment and games at France Télévisions – © Nathalie Guyon/FTV

There were heart votes

It’s a special, historic yearshe continues, referring to the coronation of Ukraine at Eurovision 2022. There were heart votes. It is the union of Europe which spoke, and which elected Ukraine. It is a beautiful symbol, which means many things. Isn’t Ukraine’s victory the victory of a Europe that we want to be full of wisdom, peace and love? We don’t want people to be unhappy. We want to unite. The great lesson of this Eurovision is that this Europe has a meaning. It shows that we are all human. The war is raging, but today the music has spoken. It takes care of hearts, it takes care of morals. We are proud to have also participated in this contest for that. The culture is growing strong in every country. We want to show who we are. Ukraine has a wonderful song, with a lot of sense. It had been written for the singer’s mother, but when you decode it, it’s the motherland. What emotion !

One day, we will have this victory at Eurovision

To conclude, Alexandra Redde-Amiel reaffirms the ambitions of France Télévisions concerning the Eurovision brand. “The French delegation is more determined than ever. We were second last year, we ended up ranking this year, but we’re not giving up! France should be proud: we have won Eurovision Junior with Valentinawe organized it in Paris, Barbara Pravi was secondEnzo was 3rd in Junior… Yes, life is full of obstacles, even if we claim what we have done. More than ever, we will continue. Heads up. And I’ll tell you one thing: one day, we will have this victory at Eurovision!“, she concludes.

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