Eurovision: Alvan & Ahez react to France’s disappointing result in the Contest

From our special correspondent in Turin (Italy). This is clearly a disappointment for France: while many hopes had been pinned on them (they had been widely acclaimed both by the French public and a jury of professionals in Eurovision France, you decide!), the members of the group Alvan & Ahez finished penultimate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. They did not manage to convince jurors and viewers in this edition deeply marked by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, which ended by a clear victory for Ukraine, represented by Kalush Orchestra and their meaningful song Stefania. Despite this severe result, Alexis Morvan-Rosius, Sterenn Diridollou, Sterenn Le Guillou and Marine Lavigne wanted to meet the press a few minutes after the end of the show.

We take a step back

We are proud to have accomplished what we wanted to doimmediately assumes Alexis “Alvan”. We did it and we embodied it with our hearts. We take a step back: it’s cool to have had this experience, we were supported, we had lots of messages, we worked on the performance…“, he continues. “We arrived with a song in the Breton languagecontinues Sterenn Le Guillou. We didn’t even think we’d pass the national selection, and we won Eurovision France. We played and sang there, in front of 180 million people. We had a lot of fun, I hope it was felt.

We stayed ourselves despite the criticism

Despite the resultcontinues Marine Lavigne, the key word is ‘pride’. We stayed ourselves despite the criticismdespite the pressure, despite the controversies about the fact that Fulenn be a Breton song. We have not lost the north. We are proud of the message we carried and of this music. We continue to believe that we were well heard, and that we were legitimate tonight to represent the whole of France with a Breton song. We were the only minority language in this competition.

It’s a special yearnotes Sterenn Le Guillou, and the whole of Europe wished support Ukraine, which is a good thing. We are delighted that Ukraine won Eurovision. They deserved it. Because of the signs of support necessary in this very complicated context, and also because they have a wonderful song, which we supported in our interviews, because we love it. That’s why we also sang it with them at Torino. It’s a good thing that the viewers and the juries have positioned themselves on this.

An expectation “endless

Waiting for results was endlessfinally reveals Alvan. We experienced it a bit as if we were spectators. We were between us, there was a good atmosphere.” And Sterenn Le Guillou concludes: “The show was very beautiful, with a lot of very effective songs, with incredible performers. We made good use of it. It’s an incredible experience, we were lucky to be accompanied by a wonderful delegation.

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