Eva Queen, the big sister of pre-teens: "I have a very strong bond with my fans"

Eva Queen, crowned Saturday “Francophone female artist of the year” at the NRJ Music Awards “, fills concert halls and inspires young girls.

She is a star of music, but also of social networks. Eva Queen, who has just become Eva, is the idol of little girls and teenagers.

Crowned last Saturday with the title of “Francophone female artist of the year”, the young singer of 20 years, communicates a lot with her young fans, through her Instagram account followed by 2 million subscribers.

“We won it together,” she posted on Instagram, showing her NRJ Music Awards trophy.

Very active on Instagram, and sister of the influencer Jazz, ex-reality TV heroine living in Dubai, Eva however has a step back and vis-à-vis social networks. She is very mature and wants to warn her young fans that this is not necessarily real life.

“I want to tell them that it doesn’t make you happy. Me, what makes me happiest is when I go to the country with my family and we pick mushrooms. moment when I feel most myself. I feel less myself on social media posting a picture of myself at the NRJ Music Awards, for example. It’s very superficial. You have to stop following the codes and what is imposed on us, because it’s everything except life, social networks. “

With her younger fans, she plays the role of a big sister. “There is a link that is very strong and that I want to keep, because I respond to my fans on social networks.”

“More than an artist”

“We have the impression of being part of Eva’s family,” testifies a fan. When she won the NMA, I had the impression that it was my sister who had won the NMA “.

“Because of social networks, a lot of girls lose self-confidence, and she does everything to give us back self-confidence. She’s more than an artist for us,” analyzes another.

A role that owes nothing to chance, Eva is so keen to speak unvarnished of her happiness, but also of her ills, in the texts of her songs.

“Mom I’m in pain, she feels bad, accepts herself no longer, doesn’t love her body anymore according to Insta /
Alone in the face of the monster that kills the world “, she sings in the song Mom i am in pain.

“My texts can touch, like one of my songs Mom i am in pain, which speaks of our generation, which makes me sad very often, she delivers to BFMTV. I wanted to say to my fans, ‘I know you would love to be me, but I’m going through the same thing as you’. It hurts me a lot when I see children who feel bad about themselves. I want to tell them that I too, or any adult, have moments like that, we always see better elsewhere. (…) I know that when we are in difficulty, we generally feel very lonely “.

The young woman, originally from the French Riviera, was successful in 2018 with the single Mood. It was released on November 19, Happiness, his third album, after Queen and 2019 et Feed (followed by the reissue Feed Collector), in 2020.

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