Everspace 2: So far the biggest update in Early Access is here and for the first time it’s cheaper

Rockfish Games has released the biggest update for Everspace 2 to date in Early Access.

Drake: Gang Wars is the first of two updates planned for later this year and is available on Steam and GOG, with the update coming “coming soon” to the Windows Store.

To a new star system

In the new update you can expect the new Drake star system with landscapes of lava and ice, as well as underwater exploration tours, new enemy types and status effects, challenges and a side quest in three chapters.

Rockfish promises “more than a dozen” handcrafted environments for the Drake system. The individual regions of the system are controlled by the factions Coalition, Retaliators and Zurilia. Considering the new elements in the Drake system, your spaceship can also take damage from heat and cold. If you dive too deep, you have to worry about the water pressure.

More news about Everspace 2:

The update also increases the maximum player level to 25, while also giving you three new pilot perks and several new companion perks. New passive abilities for all ship specializations and new bonus attributes for secondary weapons are also part of the update.

In terms of technology, you can now use TrackIR and AMD FSR when gaming.

“In general, Everspace 2 is nearing completion, with only one more Early Access update pending launch,” it says. “Ancient Rifts will give players a first taste of endgame content with challenges and extremely high risk and extremely valuable reward before the team will put the finishing touches to the game on version 1.0. Also planned are some adjustments to the game balance and quality-of -Life improvements.”

On the occasion of the new update, Everspace 2 is also available at a lower price for the first time in the Early Access phase. You can currently save 25 percent on your purchase. Note that the price of the game will increase upon the release of the final version.

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