Everton is the first finalist of the Chile Cup and waits for Colo Colo

Everton added an important equality during the day of this Wednesday in the fourth region facing Coquimbo Unido. The Viñamarino team took advantage of the victory at the Sausalito Stadium to make their way to the grand final of the Chile Cup.

A meeting where the blue and gold cast go to look for that trophy that they had the possibility in 2016, where they fell defeated against Colo Colo at the National Stadium and that they will have the possibility of having their revenge, as long as the albos manage to get the tickets to this instance.

The Coquimbo Unido team became strong at home despite meeting Everton’s defensive solidity to perfection, given that in the second half the pirate team searched all sectors of the court to break the parity of the commitment.

From now on, the table of the fifth region will be aware of what happens between Unión Española and Colo Colo in Santa Laura, to define the other finalist of the Chile Cup which has its key fully programmed to play this match.

The final of the Chile Cup is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. this Saturday, September 4 and will be played at the Fiscal Stadium in Talca.

No, you must bet on Arriagada

Yes, but an experienced one

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