Everyone criticizes Apple’s AirTag, but it’s a huge success

Apple is expected to have sold 55 million copies of its AirTag tracker by the end of 2022, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. These figures, if correct, allow Apple to outrun the competition.

In the new technologies industry, it is often said that there is a before and an after Apple. Whether with smartphones, tablets, watches or wireless headphones, Apple has always had the incredible ability to play the role of the accelerator. Its arrival in a market suddenly makes it attractive, which tends to improve sales for everyone. Of course, as the Apple Watch and AirPods can attest, it’s usually Apple that comes out on top. It is for this reason that the entire industry is eagerly awaiting Apple’s VR headset.

In April 2021, after two years of rumours, Apple unveiled the AirTag, its Bluetooth tracker to attach to your keys, wallet or bike to locate or ring them. The hype quickly died down. The news has even turned negative for the AirTag, accused of promoting espionage and harassment. Apple had to step up with corrective updates, which could suggest that the future of the product was in jeopardy. Numbers released on June 19 by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo do not go in this direction.

35 million AirTags sold in 2022

Ming-Chi Kuo says it himself, the AirTag “hasn’t received much attention”. Still, its estimated sales would be exceptionally good for a Bluetooth tracker. Apple would have sold 20 million in 2021 and should reach 35 million in 2022, which would allow the Bluetooth tracker to reach 55 million sales in a year and a half. Ming-Chi Kuo is renowned for his incredible sources from Apple’s suppliers, which makes these numbers very plausible.

How does the AirTag compare to the competition? It’s very complicated to say, in the sense that none of Apple’s competitors (Tile, Wistiki) publishes detailed financial results. However, we can make some estimates based on two elements:

  • On November 28, 2021, the leader of Tile (the number 1 in the sector) indicated that he was not afraid of Apple, because his company had already sold 40 million trackers. Although it boasted a 200% increase in annual sales, that figure seemed to match the Tiles in circulation globally since the company was founded in 2012. 40 million in nine years (Tile), compared to 55 million in two years (Apple)… The momentum is on Apple’s side, even if Tile will progress.
  • Life360 acquired Tile for $205 million. A fairly low value for a company in a market about to take off. It is therefore doubtful that its annual sales can surpass those of Apple.
Malicious people have fun dismantling the AirTag to remove its speaker and make it inaudible. // Source : iFixit

Apple’s other competitor is Samsung, which launched its SmartTag at the same time. We have no idea of ​​its sales, but no doubt they are probably lower than Apple’s (even though Samsung has offered plenty of them).

Soon an AirTag 2?

In his tweet, Ming-Chi Kuo said he was optimistic about the launch of a second generation of the tracker. Will an AirTag 2 really happen? If sales are going that way, Apple doesn’t necessarily like the reviews and might be tempted to give it up. To see which way the brand will lean. Business or tranquility?

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