“Everyone gets a turn” – Roberto Blanco talks about his death

Unusually serious tones from the entertainer…

Pop star Roberto Blanco (84, “It has to be a little fun”) is usually known for his never-ending good mood. But lately, the popular entertainer has repeatedly attracted attention with thoughtful sentences.

It was only in March that Blanco posted a photo of himself on Instagram and wrote: “With every new day, the rest of our lives begin. A good reason to be grateful for that. ”Now the singer has also shown his serious side in an interview with Schlager.de.

Blanco admitted that he had great respect for the subject of death: “You can’t wipe that away. Everyone gets a turn. Even the newly born child gets a turn. And a man who is 90 or 95 years old. Or even at 30.”

The artist had a request for his death: “What I wish is – if God wants it – a normal death. fall asleep or something. It would be nice if the good Lord gave us all that.”

Blanco continued: “Everyone has to go once. Such is the law of life. You can’t say ‘no’ to that…”

But until the time comes, the entertainer will soon have a good reason to celebrate – on June 7th he will be 85 years old.

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