Everyone should now be allowed to carry a gun anywhere

An extremely politicized court

The majority on the Supreme Court has long-term shifted Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump with judge appointments in favor of the conservatives.

Even if the judges there, like at the German Federal Constitutional Court, should decide independently, legal experts like Professor Susan Low Bloch from Georgetown University Law School agree. “The Supreme Court is extremely politicized,” she said just a few days ago during a background discussion with journalists.

Machine guns for everyone: At the gun fair in Boston, USA, fans of small and large caliber weapons stock up. (Source: Allison Dinner/imago-images-pictures)

For Susan Bloch, this process cannot be overstated. “The fact that such a paper is known in advance shows that even within the Supreme Court, distrust seems to be so great that one believes that such means have to be used,” she said.

The gun lobby celebrates, people die

The powerful gun lobby organization NRA (National Riffle Association) celebrates the decision of the Supreme Court. They proudly tweeted, “The NRA wins in the Supreme Court!” A “well-regulated militia” is necessary for security in a free state. The right of people to bear arms should therefore not be violated.

However, more and more people are being fatally injured in the USA not through the deprivation of liberties, but through the use of firearms. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more Americans died from gun injuries in 2020 than in any other year since the statistics began to be collected. 45,222 it was in 2020, while only 42,915 died in car accidents.

According to the Supreme Court ruling, there could now be even more. Depending on how threatened Americans feel. Depending on how quick they are willing to draw their guns because of it. Depending on what reason they are willing to use them.

The final hearing on the January 6, 2021 storming of the Capitol will take place before the US Congress today. The possibility of resistance against the state is part of the self-image in the USA. To this day, Donald Trump and his cronies fuel the desire for resistance by claiming the election was stolen from them.

In the face of such lies, which are believed by millions, and in view of today’s verdict on the public carrying of weapons, those critics who warn of an outbreak of civil war – even if it’s just recurring skirmishes – have one more argument on their side.

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