Everything Everywhere All At Once directors sign five-year deal with Universal

Everything Everywhere All At Once is in our opinion one of the best films of the year, maybe even the very best, and recently it also broke records by becoming A24’s most successful film of all time. Such a smash hit rarely goes unnoticed, and that was not the case now either. Universal now announces that they have signed a five-year contract with the directors, Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert. This is what Universal says about why they chose to sign a contract with the duo who, after all, only have a few indie films under their belts.

“Daniels are creators who have evolved their craft with a distinct vision and singular voice that is unmistakable across the spectrum of content vying for viewer’s attention. Their films are remarkably theatrical and with only two original projects under their belts, they’ve merely scratched the surface of what they are capable of as filmmakers. We’re grateful they’ve chosen to go on their journey with us.”

Now belonging to a giant company like Universal naturally means that the demands increase, but it also means that the resources are significantly greater. The studio also recently secured Jordan Peele with a five-year contract, with Nope being the director’s first film under the collaboration, a film that has currently grossed 800 million kroner since its premiere (we’ll have to wait until August 17th). Hopefully, like Peele, they will be given enough creative freedom now to provide us with more phenomenal films in the future.

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