Everything just “a show number”? Nobility expert makes a tough judgment about Meghan and Harry because of a gesture

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Of: Michelle Brey

Meghan and Harry held hands at the funeral procession behind the Queen’s coffin, contrary to regulations. © Nariman El-Mofty/dpa

Holding hands in the funeral procession behind the Queen’s coffin? Meghan and Harry attracted attention as a result. A nobility expert assumes Meghan a spectacle.

London/Munich – The whole of Great Britain mourns the death of Queen Elizabeth II, who died at the age of 96. On Monday (September 19) the Queen embarked on her final journey. At her funeral, Charles was more emotional than ever – Meghan also fought back tears. But is Harry’s wife’s grief and sympathy only pretended in public? At least this is the opinion of aristocratic expert Jürgen Worlitz, who in an interview with t-online.de alludes to a specific situation before the funeral – and chooses harsh words.

Meghan and Harry after the death of Queen Elizabeth II in mourning – “Clearly that there is a show number running”

Megan and Harry are known to occasionally dance out of the royal ranks. In London, the two presented themselves as a unit – also at the funeral procession for Queen Elizabeth II on September 14th. Meghan and Harry held hands as they exited Westminster Hall. The rest of the royal family refrained from doing so, as can be seen from videos and photos. The couple’s gesture was also seen at the Queen’s funeral.

“A married couple who have been married for a while and appear in public like that at the moment don’t have to hold hands so openly and want to show it so openly: no piece of paper fits between us, we are a unit, we cling to each other “, said nobility expert Worlitz. With Meghan and Harry, “it’s very clear that there’s a show number going on,” he explained. The expert alluded to Meghan’s past as an actress, in which she played, among other things, in the successful series “Suits”.

“An actress is always acting. It is never normal or completely neutral. That’s always a role she plays. And I see that meghan also,” he continued in an interview with the online service. In addition, an actress will cry at the touch of a button. Meghan would have just realized “that Harry is her gold throat” and “that’s where the money is”.

Nobility expert with harsh words about Meghan: “In some way affected”

But of course, Worlitz admitted, Meghan was also under pressure at this moment. The 41-year-old knows very well that millions of eyes are also on her, so she “definitely wants to do everything right”. “And of course she’s affected in some way,” he said t-online.de. After all, grief is contagious. King Charles III “I just overlook things like that,” the expert estimated. That only produces further “reason for discussion” and ultimately it is “actually harmless,” said Worlitz.

Body language expert takes a different view of the situation – ‘No doubt there to support his family’

Jess Ponce III, body language expert, does not see the fact that Meghan and Harry often hold hands in public as an act or even a show. “Harry and Meghan are undoubtedly there to support his family,” he told thelist.com. The fact that Meghan is under the microscope of the public, all eyes are on her, is “stressful to say the least”. The pair would hold hands in support of each other, Ponce said.

After all, according to royal expert Michael Begasse to RTL, such appearances – such as at the funeral – are “still a gauntlet run” for Meghan. She knows that she can “make more mistakes than right”. Mutual support seems to be more than necessary.

Last but not least, the relationship between the royal family and the couple since their departure from Britain to the United States and especially after Interviewed by Oprah Winfrey anything but good. (mbr)

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