“Everything that counts” star Béla Klentze – actor is now singing with wolves

“Everything that counts” star Béla Klentze |

Actor now sings with wolves

Cologne – From TV star to singer!

For four years, Béla Klentze (34) played Ronny in the RTL soap “Everything that counts”, in 2018 he even swept over the big “Let’s Dance” floor. And now? Does the actor want to be a rock star!

“I wrote my first songs in lockdown,” he tells BILD. Its genre is rock coupled with film music. “I like instrumental passages in pop rock songs.”

Klentze 2018 on “Let’s Dance” (RTL)

Photo: Florian Ebener/Getty Images

With his band “Stairway To Violet” Klentze was now filming with real wolves in the snow of Greenland. Animal trainers gathered a whole pack of wolves around the actor. “We were only able to shoot when the animals trusted me and I was accepted by the pack,” he says.

Klentze put his savings into the elaborately produced video of the song “My Real Light”. Proof of how serious the actor is about his music: “You can buy real estate with such sums, but I wanted to make art.”

Klentze's tape was spinning in the freezing cold

The AWZ star’s band shot in the freezing cold

Photo: Béla Klentze

A lot of effort for a newcomer, which is reflected in the video: Klentze stands alone on an ice floe in the middle of the sea. “The icy wind whipped me. We shot in extreme cold.”

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Will the RTL star say goodbye to acting now? On the contrary: “She remains my number one. I’m looking forward to new TV projects!”

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