Everything you need to know about the travel chaos this summer


Air strikes and staffing crises have affected airports in Europe in the early summer. Are you wondering if your flight is scheduled, canceled or when guests arrive? You can check that Avinor’s website.

If your departure has been canceled, you need to check the airline’s website to find out what happens to that ticket. In many cases, the airline can set up an alternative itinerary for you.


Many have struggled with long waiting times for passports, both due to lack of materials and production problems. Have you ordered a new one, and are wondering how long the wait is? You can check it here.

If you want to book, change or cancel an appointment for a passport you can do it here.


After two years of pandemics, travel restrictions and strict measures both at home and abroad, many are going on a long-awaited holiday abroad this summer. Are you wondering what the corona situation is like, or do you need other information about the country you are going to travel to? Then you can stay up to date on the government’s website.

Are you going on a trip and need a corona certificate? Here is Health Norway’s checklist over everything you should keep in mind.


Despite the fact that the foreign fever reigns, many Norwegians are planning domestic trips and Norwegian holidays this summer. Then it is relevant to know how it is with public transport on the itinerary:

Are you going to travel by train around the country, and wonder if the train is on schedule? Check the departures to VY here.

Are you going to leave the country, in the direction of Sweden? Information about SJ’s departures can be found here.

To find out how the train situation is, check BaneNor’s websites.

Are you one of those who will travel from Oslo Airport Gardermoen, and plan to get there by air train? Then you get the latest news about everyone The airport train’s deviation here.


We all want glorious sun and beach-friendly temperatures when the holidays are underway. How likely is it that the summer day can be ruined by rain? You can check it here.

In the weeks before the joint holiday, large parts of Europe have been hit by a violent heat wave. Wondering if the heatwave has hit you? Check it out here?

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