evowera and Mama.com jointly released a white paper on children’s intelligent dental care, reshaping the new cognition of children’s oral care

Children’s oral health has always been the focus of parents. According to the fourth national oral health survey, the caries rate of deciduous teeth of 5-year-old children in my country is as high as 70.9%, and the development of children’s teeth is closely related to the oral environment, development of permanent teeth and facial aesthetics. and other aspects are closely related, and the health risks among them should not be underestimated. In response to the status quo of children’s oral health, on September 20, the cutting-edge electronic technology brand evowera (hereinafter referred to as “evowera”) joined hands with the well-known maternal and child media Mama.com to jointly launch the “Children’s Smart Health Dental Care White Paper”, aiming at different age groups. Make scientific research and professional suggestions on children’s teeth cleaning methods and habits, reshape the new cognition of children’s oral teeth cleaning, and open up a new way of intelligently caring for children’s oral cavity.

The new generation of mothers is very sensible,Pay attention to the way you brush your teeth

According to the “Children’s Smart Health Dental Care White Paper” (hereinafter referred to as the “White Paper”), the new generation of parents have advanced awareness of children’s oral health care. % of children brush their teeth for more than 3 minutes. However, although the mothers are quite strict with their children’s teeth brushing requirements, nearly 60% of parents report that they are not satisfied with their children’s oral health.

The doctor suggested that the effect of oral cleaning is related to the cleaning time, but it is not that the longer the brushing time, the better the cleaning effect. Appropriate brushing time and standardized brushing methods can effectively clean the oral cavity. Long-term wrong brushing methods may also cause damage to children’s delicate gums. “Brushing your teeth” does not mean “brushing your teeth well”.

Inventory of Oral Assassins,Is it necessary to touch the fish and brush your teeth?

Children’s eating habits tend to favor sweets and soft foods. Foods with high sugar content and high viscosity are a severe test for the oral environment. Only less than 30% of the mothers said that their children have never had oral problems, but parents who plan ahead also do well. With preparation, 80% of the mothers paid attention to the corresponding knowledge before oral problems occurred. After all, oral health not only affects the ability to eat, but also is closely related to the child’s facial development and pronunciation learning.

In the matter of brushing teeth, the “fight of wits” between parents and children has never subsided. Only 8.75% of mothers said they have never worried about their children’s brushing, while 44.15% of mothers have always had a headache about their baby’s “touching”. Fish behavior”, 21.08% of the mothers still need to be monitored at all times to allow their children to complete a brushing session.

In addition to the big killer of eating habits, incorrect brushing and cleaning tools are also hidden “oral assassins”. More than 70% of mothers believe that incorrect brushing is also one of the main reasons for the baby’s oral condition. The gums are relatively delicate, and the brushing method is still in the stage of cultivating cognition, which is prone to problems such as excessive force, missed brushing and wrong technique. In addition, the choice of tooth cleaning tools is also particularly important. If the toothbrush bristles are too hard, it is easy to damage children’s gums; if the bristles are too soft, the cleaning ability will be greatly reduced; if the rounding rate of the bristles is not suitable for children, it is even more Long-term torture of the oral cavity. At the same time, because children lack evaluation methods for correct brushing posture and oral cleaning effect, if parents fail to detect and intervene in time to correct, the harm to children’s oral health over time cannot be underestimated.

New Choice for Smart Care,Dental cleaning tool upgrade

At the same time, most parents also realize the importance of tooth cleaning tools. 72.87% of mothers believe that in addition to toothbrushes, children can also use other tooth cleaning products. Among them, 12.97% of mothers have equipped their children with electric toothbrushes, more Mom still thinks manual toothbrushes are more suitable for children. Considering that children’s oral environment is fragile and it is difficult to precisely control hand movements, and there is no scientific standard or data research in the field of children’s electric toothbrushes, the use of electric toothbrushes before the development of permanent teeth is likely to cause safety to children’s oral cavity. hidden danger.

Based on the deep insight into children’s oral health, evowera recently launched the planck mini intelligent manual toothbrush, equipped with six-axis gyroscope sensor technology, which can sense the child’s brushing posture in real time, use the algorithm to assist in judging the areas that are not covered, and display the missing brushing situation in the On the screen of the handle, let the child know the cleaning situation in time, and check the gap in time. The mother can check the child’s tooth brushing situation through the screen, which will be more timely, and it is convenient to urge the child to make up the missed brushing position for the second time, so as to achieve a more effective effect with half the effort. And built-in high-precision pressure sensor, when the child is brushing too hard, the planck mini will remind the child to adjust the strength through the vibration of the handle and the red flashing screen to help the child form a correct brushing habit.

Hundreds of doctors join the battle, cultivate habits to be independent

It is worth mentioning that evowera has recently joined hands with mom.net and hundreds of doctors to issue a new concept of intelligent oral care for children, “a new ‘vision’ of baby’s teeth brushing, and the degree of tooth cleaning can be seen.” It advocates that from a scientific and professional perspective, Use technology to intelligentize children’s oral care, provide new generation parents with more efficient tooth cleaning solutions, and escort children’s oral health.

Among them, oral expert Dr. Yuanqin Wang advocated that parents should not only pay attention to their children’s oral hygiene and help their children learn to brush their teeth, but more importantly, gradually cultivate their children’s awareness of brushing their own teeth and form good oral hygiene habits. If the teeth are not brushed, it is more effective to prevent dental caries and avoid the baby’s “mouth full of black teeth”.

In the future, evowera will also be based on technological innovation, create more high-performance personal consumer products for consumers, and create a high-quality life.

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