Ex-ESC candidate – With “The Voice” they now want EVERYONE!

The blind auditions at “The Voice of Germany” leave no candidate indifferent. Shaking knees at the first big appearance in front of the jury are not uncommon.

On Thursday, the audience suffered especially with ONE candidate: Ann Sophie Dürmeyer (31). She was already on a very big stage. In 2015 she was allowed to compete for Germany in the “Eurovision Song Contest”. And got ZERO points.

She told how it came about: “Back then, Germany decided on Andreas Kümmert in the preliminary round, and I came second. But then Andreas Kümmert didn’t want to go, so I went. That was really big! “

But the ESC evening was a disaster for Ann Sophie! “Germany: Zero Points!” Was the motto after their performance. A traumatic experience for the woman from Hamburg: “Somehow I wanted to stay strong. But I was pretty sad. That hurts you. “

Ann Sophie hid for years: “It really took me three years to dare to go to auditions again, and for the last six years I have been doubting that I am good enough. But I’m ready for it again now! If anyone turns around, that would strengthen me that I know that I am right on stage. “

When she arrived in Vienna in 2015, she was still beaming: Ann Sophie couldn’t score at the ESCPhoto: AFP / Getty Images

Nico Santos (28) didn’t stay in his seat during Ann Sophie’s performance on “Summertime”: “Oh my God, that’s good!” There were standing ovations not only from the jury, but also from the audience.

Tears welled in Ann Sophie’s eyes – which Sarah Connor (41) did not hide: “Well, if you deliver such a performance from the stand and get the whole store going, you can cry a little shiver.”

After the first few seconds on the “The Voice” stage there was no longer any doubt: Sarah Connor and Nico Santos hit the buzzer at lightning speed, Mark Forster (38) and Johannes Oerding (39) followed. All the buzzers for the former loser!

Johannes Oerding immediately saw the light: “I know you!”

Mark Forster also knew who he was looking at: “You once represented Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest. And I was a bit involved, I was like your godfather in the qualifying round. I do think that a lot has happened to your voice in recent years. ”

The coaches Sarah Connor, Johannes Oerding, Mark Forster and Nico Santos (from left) gave everything to bring vocal talent Ann Sophie into their teams

The coaches (from left) Sarah Connor, Johannes Oerding, Mark Forster and Nico Santos gave everything to bring talented singers Ann Sophie into their teamsPhoto: ProSiebenSAT.1 / André Kowalski

Sarah Connor, however, has already started to tinker with the singing talent: “You can go on a trip with my colleagues here and lose, or you go with me. Maybe we want to sing something together for a moment? “

Nico Santos could already see his skins floating away and desperately banged his head on the buzzer: “Shit!” He preferred to leave the studio and took his colleagues with him: “Ciao, we have to go.”

After a goosebump duet between Sarah and Ann Sophie, it was no longer surprising that Ann Sophie said: “I want to see you, Sarah!”

While Sarah Connor was cheering, Johannes Oerding shouted in her direction: “That was a real bitch move of yours.”

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