Ex-NEOS wants to silence his opponents?

Strong criticism of Moosbrugger’s (left) actions by Fritsch and Einwallner from Team Bregenz.
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Serious allegations against Alexander Moosbrugger: The Bregenz team, part of Mayor Michael Ritsch, accuses him of abusing his power as chairman of the examination board to silence political opponents.

The final report in the Reichart case and the impartiality of the committee chairman, Moosbrugger, will be voted on today, Tuesday, in the Bregenz audit committee.

A short-term postponement of the committee is now causing irritation in the state capital. The mayor’s faction “Team Bregenz” speaks of a politically motivated maneuver and of “politics behind closed doors.”

Around the Causa Reichart

The meeting of the Bregenz Examination Committee will take place on Tuesday. The final report on the Reichart case written by the committee will be voted on. A vote will also be taken on whether the committee chairman Alexander Moosbrugger (formerly Neos) is biased in this matter.

Moosbrugger postponed the meeting

Two months ago, a date was set between the groups for the said meeting, which all members had agreed on. A few days before the original date, Moosbrugger postponed it to a later date, September 20th, 2022. This was despite the fact that Moosbrugger was repeatedly informed from the outset that several members of the mayor’s faction were unable to attend the meeting due to time constraints. Moosbrugger decided, despite this knowledge and request for another date, for September 20th.

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Opponents intentionally “killed”?

The parliamentary group spokesman for the Bregenz team in the NAbg. Ing. Reinhold Einwallner suspects a party-politically motivated maneuver by those factions that got the Reichart case rolling with a press conference in 2021: “An attempt was obviously made to find an appointment at short notice that those members of our faction would not attend who have dealt intensively with the case. This ruthlessness on the part of the chairman of the committee, Moosbrugger, reinforces the suspicion of his bias, which is being voted on today. Probably intentionally without us.”

A maneuver against Ritsch?

The parliamentary group leader of Team Bregenz City Councilor Dr.in. Annette Fritsch is more than irritated by the hasty postponement: “This procedure stinks to high heaven. Apparently anti-democratic methods are being used to silence critical voices in the examination board, thereby creating an alliance against Judith Reichart and, in a broader sense, against the mayor, without resistance, can push through their political agenda. That’s classic politics behind closed doors.”

To the background

The head of the Bregenz cultural service, Judith Reichart, was accused of corruption by the chairman of the examination board, Alexander Moosbrugger (formerly Neos), the deputy mayor, Sandra Schoch (Greens), and the city councilor, Veronika Marte (ÖVP).

Almost at the same time, Moosbrugger filed a complaint against Reichart precisely because of those allegations. A comprehensive investigation report by the state police headquarters and the public prosecutor’s office in Feldkirch fully exonerates Reichart in around 700 pages for all allegations made.

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