Ex-President: USA: Donald Trump hatches a strategy for his return

The former US president paves the way for a second election victory. He is supposed to be helped by his former chief strategist Steve Bannon.

Almost a year after Joe Biden’s convincing win at the US presidential election wants its predecessor Donald Trump still fail to admit his defeat. A recent report by the US Senate documents unabashed attempts on the part of the then president and his closest advisers to tilt the election result in his favor.

Trump will not be deterred. After researching several media outlets in the USA, he is planning and Steve Bannon, which played a key role in the White House in 2017, was the next coup after the failed coup on January 6th.

Donald Trump is said to be re-elected through manipulation

Bannon is said to be pursuing a complex strategy that spans a 20 year old Supreme Court judgment supports. At that time, the high judges ruled that the parliaments of individual US states have the right to decide on the course of the elections and are also empowered to nominate electors themselves, disregarding an election result.

In order to put this into practice in states with republican-ruled parliaments, Bannon wants that at the individual constituency level Manipulate personnel, from organizers on the day of voting to filling individual election committees.

All positions would be filled with tens of thousands of willing supporters of the former president, who would in fact seize control of the Republican Party and ensure that Trump would be in a year at the latest 2024 is re-elected. Read here: Trump’s niece unpacks again: “My uncle has no soul”

Bannon’s plan: the dismantling of the rule of law

The idea came from Daniel Schultz, an activist from Arizona who rose to star almost overnight in right-wing circles. Schultz has already been to Bannon’s podcast several times, which is the ultra-conservative wing The party as well as anarchist circles enjoyed great popularity. There he repeats the “big lie” about the allegedly stolen presidential election and claims that only through his “constituency strategy” can it be ensured that Trump will be re-elected president.

Bannon himself has come under fire for having fought against the Democrats and their allegedly “undemocratic behavior” for decades as an opponent of the political establishment. the criticism but does not upset Bannon, on the contrary. He recently met many of the former president’s staff in Washington and prepared them for a second election victory that he seems to be anticipating.

It would be their job on the very first day of Trump’s second term in office all items to take over, which do not require confirmation by the Senate, and to “promote the dismantling of the state administrative apparatus and the rule of law”.

Imaginative theories of ex-President Trump

How far Trump and his confidants were willing to go in the past – that is what the Senate Legal Committee now describes on 400 pages. The report is mistakenly titled “Undermining the judiciary”. It has long been known that Trump wanted to prevent Vice and Senate presidents with the uprising in the Capitol Mike Pence would count the votes of the electorate and certify Biden’s victory. also read: How this General blocked Trump’s access to nuclear weapons

What is new, however, is that this attempt failed when the president, who had two weeks in office, reached deep into his bag of tricks. Citing testimony from witnesses, the senators write that Trump urged Justice Secretary Jeffrey Rosen to initiate investigations into alleged election fraud. When he refused, Trump threatened to kill him Conspiracy theorist Jeffrey Clark to replace, who also said his friend Trump had been cheated out of victory.

Trump brought the US to the brink of a constitutional crisis

The president’s theories were by no means lacking in imagination: Among other things, that the Chinese government forged and sent in ballot papers or that millions of democrats are said to have voted twice. One of the most absurd is the belief that voting machines are dated space been manipulated out in favor of his democratic opponent.

Trump is said to have tried nine times to involve the Justice Department, which, by the way, would have significantly exceeded its competencies. “He shied away from absolutely nothing,” commented the Democrat Dick Durbin, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee.

“First of all, all legal proceedings that were supposed to overturn the result were flashed off. Then Trump tried to illegally manipulate his own ministry and when that didn’t work either, he instigated the uprising, ”says Durbin, who says the US was“ half a step away from the worst constitutional crisis in our history ”.

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