Ex-story writer from BioWare has to “cringe” at the introduction of a series on Mass Effect

Not everyone celebrates the idea of ​​a “Mass Effect” series. One of BioWare’s former story writers raised his concerns.

A few days ago it became known that Amazon is apparently in the final steps to get a deal for a series around the “Mass Effect” universe. It’s well received by the fans, but there are also concerns. The idea of ​​pouring the games into a series makes one of BioWare’s former story writers “crave”.

What was said David Gaider spoke up on Twitter about plans for a “Mass Effect” series. Gaider was one of the lead writers at BioWare for a long time and was primarily responsible for Dragon Age at the time. In a tweet he stated that he “had the opportunity [einer Serienumsetzung] a little crunch “.

The same thought applies to the possibility that Dragon Age could get a series at some point.

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Why does Gaider think that way? However, Gaider explains what he means by that. In his view, the Mass Effect story is not that easy to translate into a series in terms of the games. This is mainly due to the fact that Commander Shepard is basically a “blank paper”.

The players shape their Shepard in the story – decide, for example, whether he is a man or a woman or what decisions he makes. No matter how you want to implement that in a series – you always offend people who have made completely different decisions for Shepard.

The whole game world and the experience are tailored to each individual player due to the many decisions. It would be nearly impossible to please long-time fans with a series that focuses on Shepard and his companions.

Mass Effect has a lot of characters – at least if you were to orientate yourself on the games.

Mass Effect has to do too much at the same time

“Think how MUCH the story depends on the companions. They are the ciphers through which players have the most emotional experiences [im Spiel] obtain. On their own, the protagonists of Mass Effect and Dragon Age are … well, pretty boring. It won’t sell. “

He goes on to say:

Think of these companions. Remember how VERY the fans are attached to these characters. Now consider the fact that there is absolutely no way a single story can treat them all the same. Think of the cry of anger when companion X only gets a little cameo … or doesn’t appear at all.

However, Gaider doesn’t believe the series is necessarily doomed either. He is excited that an implementation is planned and simply hopes that Amazon will manage to avoid all the stumbling blocks and possible mistakes.

Because the danger of turning the “Mass Effect” universe into just another run-of-the-mill SciFi series, which in the end can neither inspire the fans of the game nor new viewers, is enormous.

In many ways, it would be wiser not to just adapt the story of the games. But think about it from the perspective of those who make this TV series. They don’t just do this for the fans who already know the whole story and for whom it would be okay if it developed in a different direction.

The much larger audience is those who don’t know anything about Mass Effect or Dragon Age.

In a way, the series has to answer that, “What IS Mass Effect anyway?” And that means they have to create something that will be instantly recognized as Mass Effect. That means re-creating what is already known in a way that fans don’t need, and they will most likely react negatively to that. Maybe. I guess we’ll see.

Do you share Gaider’s concerns? Or are you optimistic and believe that Mass Effect can work as a series – for long-time fans as well as for a completely new target group?

Other series have recently shown that game implementations can be really good – such as the global success Arcane.

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