Exchange rate of the dinar in the bank and on the black market this June 21

This Tuesday, June 21, 2022, at Port Saïd Square, in the capital of Algiers, currency traders sell a single euro against 215 dinars for sale and 213 dinars for purchase. The value of the single European currency has experienced some stability in recent days.

As for the US dollar, it is offered by traders against 203 dinars for purchase and 205 dinars for sale, the same values ​​as yesterday.

The pound sterling on the parallel currency market is trading this Thursday against 247 dinars for purchase and 250 dinars for sale, while the Canadian dollar is offered at 151 dinars for purchase and 154 dinars for sale.

The rates of the main currencies at the Bank of Algeria

The exchange rate of the European currency, in transactions with the Central Bank, appears in the quotations of this Monday at 153.71 dinars for purchase and 153.75 dinars for sale.

The American dollar is exchanged, according to the exchange table of the Bank of Algeria, against 145.64 dinars for purchase and 145.66 dinars for sale.

Finally, the exchange rate of the pound sterling in the trade quotes The opening price of the Algerian dinar is displayed at 179.03 dinars for purchase and 179.12 dinars for sale. And the Canadian dollar is exchanged against 112.78 Algerian dinars for purchase and 112.81 dinars for sale.

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