Exchange rate of the dinar in the bank and on the black market this September 20

The European currency has been losing its economic value for several months against the dollar and the Algerian dinar and the current economic situation does not bode well for an improvement in the situation, between energy crisis, inflation and war, the euro is not experiencing any this delicate period.

This Tuesday, September 20, 2022, the official quotations of the Bank of Algeria indicate that the single euro is exchanged against 139.8 DZD for purchase and 139.9 DZD for sale. The US dollar is exchanged against 140.3 DZD for purchase and 140.27 Algerian dinars for sale on the official currency market of the Bank of Algeria.

The same source indicates that the pound sterling settled at 159.6 DZD for purchase and 159.74 DZD for sale, while the Canadian dollar is trading against 105.4 DZD for purchase and 105 41 DZD for sale.

The dinar against the main currencies on the black market

On the black currency market in the Square of Algiers, traders exchange the single European currency for 211 DZD to buy and 213.4 DZD to sell.

As for the American currency, the latter is exchanged against 212 Algerian DZD for purchase and against 214 DZD for sale on the black currency market.

In addition, the currency of the United Kingdom is exchanged against 241 DZD to buy and 245 DZD to sell. Finally, the Canadian dollar is exchanged against 158 ​​DZD for purchase and 160 DZD.

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