Exchange rates: the quotes for this Wednesday, October 13

The price of the euro, in the official quotations of this Wednesday, October 13, experienced a slight drop compared to yesterday. On the parallel market, prices have kept their stability.

Indeed, the unit of the European currency on the Algiers interbank foreign exchange market showed 158.73 dinars for the purchase and 158.71 dinars for the sale. Yesterday, one euro was exchanged against 158.83 dinars for the purchase and 158.86 dinars for the sale.

For the US dollar, commercial quotes opening of the dinar for the same day reported 137.34 dinars on the purchase price and 137.36 dinars on the sale price. We note a slight increase compared to the day yesterday; (137, 26 DA for the purchase and 137.28 DA for the sale).

Regarding the pound sterling, the price for Wednesday posted 186.68 dinars to buy and 186.73 dinars to sell. In yesterday’s quotes, one Pound sterling was trading against 187.34 dinars when buying and 187.39 dinars when selling.

The situation in the parallel foreign exchange market

In the parallel currency market, both the European currency and the US dollar show relative stability. One euro is offered at around 213.50 to 214.00 dinars for purchase and between 211 and 212 dinars for sale.

The dollar, meanwhile, is traded at 179 DA for sale against 181 DA for purchase. For its part, the pound sterling has not registered any major change. The unit of this currency is exchanged against 241 DA to buy and 238 DA to sell.

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