Excluded. As an aside: Bilal Hassani confides in his relationship with his mother (VIDEO)

Bilal Hassani is the guest of the show As an aside this Tuesday, November 22 on Canal+. The singer confides in his relationship with Amina, his manager who is none other than his mother.

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He is one of the pop sensations of the current French music scene. French-speaking revelation of the year at the NRJ Music Awards in 2019, Bilal Hassani has had a string of projects since his consecration. Representative of France at Eurovision, finalist of Dance with the stars then juror of this same emission the following year, the singer knows the success as well in the vats as behind the television set. This Tuesday, November 22, the artist lends himself to the game of the confessional interview orchestrated by Nathalie Levy in As an aside on Canal+. On the walls of the studio, the covers of his albums, his magazine covers and a video projector retracing the highlights of his career.

Bilal Hassani confides in his mother Amina: “It is the best”

Nathalie Levy offers Bilal Hassani to watch a sequence from the show Correspondent, broadcast on France 2 on January 23, 2020, which was dedicated to him. After watching the testimony of his mother Amina, the journalist invites the singer to comment on the strength of character of his mother. “Mom is the best. This is the ultimate creation of the universe, there will be nothing after“, he smiles, oscillating between the first and the second degree. “I don’t know if I would be here if she wasn’t with me. I think not“, he adds with, this time, the greatest of convictions.

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The singer evokes his relationship with his mother with emotion in As an aside

Nathalie Levy then paints the portrait of Amina, this determined woman who arrives from Morocco at the age of 22 and who educates Bilal and his brother without creating a barrier for them. This is how the artist was able to develop his taste for music. “What happened with mom was very simple. […] I told her that I wanted to be the biggest pop star on the planet. Then my dream had to be even more exuberant: I’m going to be the biggest pop star in the galaxy, I want to be the first intergalactic pop star and I’m going to sing in space, I will sing for the Martians. At that moment, mom sees a child who has a dream, she thinks it’s cute but she doesn’t pay too much attention to it. She put me in the conservatory to make me happy. It really got to me a lot more and I stayed there. […] It was just obvious“, concludes Bilal Hassani.

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