Excluded. France has an incredible talent: Karine Le Marchand amused by an unusual number (VIDEO)

The last places in the semi-finals are played this Friday, November 25 in France has an unbelievable talent. However, as usual, a crazy number slipped into the episode broadcast on M6.

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The talents are uneven in this season of France has an unbelievable talent. While Rayane, with her art of the piano and her story, touched the judges and the public, other numbers like that of a famous Tiktokeur did not convince. This Friday, November 25, for this sixth and final week of auditions, a wacky new artist has slipped into today’s episode. Ichikawa Koikuchifrom her stage name, will offer a surprising performance, which will even push Karine Le Marchand to protect herself… with a cushion!

France has an unbelievable talent : Ichikawa Koikuchi offers an… unusual number

But where does he come from?“The reaction of a woman present in the audience is rather equivocal at the sight of the arrival of a candidate on the stage of France has an unbelievable talent. Excited, Ichikawa Koikuchi harangues the audience, like a rockstar asking for the applause of the crowd. The service offered is surprising to say the least. A petomane… Hallelujah“, ironically Eric Antoine, more patient than his comrade Sugar Sammy, intransigent with this kind of numbers. Using a trumpet to accentuate his flatulence noises, the young man will quickly receive three first red buzzes. An astonishing performance, which will even scare Karine Le Marchand yet behind the scenes. “I’m not far behind me”exclaims the disgusted host of the proposed show.

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Last chance to qualify for the top leg

The performers will have to give the best of themselves in order to obtain the last access tickets to the final stages of the M6 ​​show. Especially since all the golden-buzzers, ensuring a direct place in the final, have already been distributed since the start of the season. As a reminder, 47 candidates have already obtained the “yes” from the jurors during the first five evenings of the show. Only here, only 26 candidates will finally be selected for the semi-finals. Eric Antoine, Hélène Segara, Sugar Sammy and Marianne James will have the heavy task of having to make a second selection from the numbers they all liked.

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