Excluded.  "He's a brother": Sylvie Noachovitch confides in the very strong bond that unites her to Julien Courbet

Excluded. “He’s a brother”: Sylvie Noachovitch confides in the very strong bond that unites her to Julien Courbet

Present alongside Julien Courbet in It can happen to you for more than 20 years, lawyer Sylvie Noachovitch has been engaged in Tele-Leisure about their friendship.

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She has been with him for 22 years. Sylvie Noachovitch, lawyer, knows Julien Courbet well. The 59-year-old criminal lawyer has been with the host on radio and television for more than two decades. TF1 viewers remember her in Without a doubt or The seven deadly sinsand M6 audiences can currently find it several times a week on the TV version of It can happen to you. “It’s really my valve, it allows me to breathe. I have an extremely heavy activity and the show allows me to get out of my daily life in the firm and the extremely heavy files that I deal with, in particular crimes“, she confides to Tele-Leisurequestioned on the set of the daily program.

Sylvie Noachovitch and Julien Courbet, like two brother and sister

Such a long collaboration inevitably creates bonds. For Sylvie Noachovitch, Julien Courbet is not just a simple animator or an average team leader. “We’ve known each other for 22 years. We don’t even need to talk to each other, we understand each other. We have such a bond that we know in advance what one or the other is going to say. He is ahead of me! We have absolute trust in each other. How many times have I been asked why I didn’t stop the show? Often, I say that I need it because the complicity with Julien and this atmosphere with the team makes me feel good. He is a friend, a brother. There are things that cannot be explained“, says the lawyer.

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Julien Courbet can’t stand soft people“, says Sylvie Noachovitch of It can happen to you

Both work together in a show that is particularly close to their hearts. Julien Courbet constantly thinks about It can happen to you. “He constantly has a thousand ideas a minute. It’s never good enough, you always need new cases. It is an inexhaustible source. He challenges himself every day“, assures Sylvie Noachovitch. Since he thinks quickly, the presenter likes to surround himself with reactive people. “He can’t stand soft people, people who aren’t reactive, who don’t understand anything“, she smiles. With more than twenty years of collaboration, there is no doubt about the category of people to which Sylvie Noachovitch belongs.

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