Excluded. Household scenes: all the information on the new bonus filming

Since November 7, Huguette and Raymond (who made revelations about a new roommate), Liliane and José, Emma and Fabien, as well as all the couples of Scenes of households settled down in Corsica, the time of the filming of the next prime of the series. On the program, fine sandy beaches, pigs and wild forests have some surprises in store for the craziest tandems of the PAF… quite full-bodied! How did the screenwriters imagine their visits to the Isle of Beauty? Exclusively, here is the starting point of these new intrigues shot in the Porto Vecchio region, in front of the cameras of actor-director Karim Adda, known in particular to fans of Cafe Camera soon to be back for the twenty years of M6.

When Huguette goes to find her first love in Corsica

On the side of Huguette and Raymond, embodied by Marion Game and Gérard Hernandez, the person in charge of the trip is none other than Cupid himself! After reuniting with her childhood sweetheart, “Guéguette” decided to fly to Corsica to find him. Out of the question for her mustachioed husband to let her go without accompanying her: the war of the old males is declared! For José and Liliane, played by Frédéric Bouraly (who hid a little secret from us!) and Valérie Karsenti, it is an unexpected succession that pushes them to cross the Mediterranean. The Mayor having inherited a sheepfold, he decides, with Madame, to meet his ancestors who are not necessarily warm at first sight. The opportunity for a clash of cultures is not to be excluded… Note that Lio will play the “guests” with them for the occasion.

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Philippe and Camille in “freshwater sailors” mode

Parents more than ever concerned about the physical and mental health of their daughter Chloé, Emma (Anne-Elisabeth Blateau) and Fabien (David Mora), they have bet on a “nature” vacation in order to detoxify their offspring from the screens on which they is taped all holy day. What could be better than the turquoise waters of the Corsican shores or the intoxicating scents of the maquis for this homecoming? Their dear child will appreciate… or not! As for Philippe and Camille (Grégoire Bonnet and Amélie Etasse) in “freshwater sailor” mode, the sea air will cause them to be stranded in a sad state at the port of Bonifacio, after M6’s favorite pharmacist followed his first sailing course. Once again, it is not the man who will have taken to the sea, it is the sea which will have taken the man… Finally, concerning the youngest of the series, if Leslie and Léo (Claire Chust and Vinnie Dargaud) will find bitterly that their idea of ​​going to work in a heavenly hotel by the sea was not necessarily the right one, Louise and Jalil (Claudia Mongumu and Ryad Baxx) will fill up on thrills aboard a trail in the mountains.

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While waiting to discover this special evening scheduled for 2023, the daily Scenes of households is broadcast every evening on M6, at 8.25 p.m.

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