Excluded. "I took it badly" : Cyndie (MAPR) bitter after the experts’ remarks

It was time to take stock for Cyndie and Jauffrey of Married at first sight, season 6. The young woman was criticized for her attitude and her lack of communication by the experts. Remarks that she never understood.

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Cyndie, contestant of the sixth season of Married at first sight, a big deal on the potato. This Monday, June 20, it was time to take stock for Cyndie and Jauffrey. Facing the experts – Estelle Dossin and Pascal de Sutter – both were invited to retrace their history. They had to make the decision to stay married or divorce. Very quickly, the discussion turned to settling accounts. Faced with Cyndie’s words, Jauffrey seems to fall from the tree. Immediately, the show’s psychologists reproached the young woman for having lacked communication.

Cyndie, the only culprit?

To defend herself, the bubbly brunette explains that she tries to send messages “in humor”. Signals that Jauffrey did not understand. In her argument, Estelle Dossin clearly takes the side of the young man and criticizes Cyndie for not having been able to tell things to her husband. “You are solar and you also have a lot of humor. During seduction, humor is very nice because it allows you to connect, to create intimacy. The limits of this mode of communication arrive precisely when one has reproaches to make. We are not immune to someone not understanding them. You have to be able to say things“, insists Estelle Dossin. With hindsight, Cyndie finds it difficult to understand these reproaches, as she told us in an interview.

I am made to pass for someone who does not communicate…

I took it the wrong way. I don’t really like being made out to be someone who doesn’t communicate because that’s not the case at all“, she admits. She regrets having been identified as the only culprit: “It’s important for me to communicate because I find that without it we don’t move forward. I would have liked people to say that if I take this seriously, Jauffrey will be a bit obsessed… There you go. I would have liked the truth to be told on that. It’s not a criticism of Jauffrey to stand up when you say things, be careful. It was reality! I had to put things through humor otherwise there was no communication. I told the production that I didn’t understand. I find it unfair to receive messages on social networks when I am not like that. I told the production“, she concludes.

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