Excluded. "It was not planned at all" : Michel, husband of Chantal Ladesou, talks about his participation in Mask Singer

The joke couldn’t have been better. Since the arrival of Chantal Ladesou in Chantal Singersorry, Mask Singer on TF1, Michel, her husband, is omnipresent in the conversations and remarks of the three other investigators, Kev Adams, Vitaa and Jeff Panacloc. Aware of this popularity, the production of the show therefore proposed to Michel Ansault, better known as “Chantal’s husband”, to surprise his wife by disguising himself as a traffic cone. A disguise which symbolizes, for the latter, “a certificate of good conduct with Chantal“, as he amusingly points out.

“It was not planned at all”

Chantal often talks about me, because I’m kind of the thread running through her one woman show sketches. We’ve been a solid couple for 47 years. I’ve been with her for a long time, recalls Michel, before revealing the underside of his participation. “This surprise was organized at top speed. It was not at all planned in advance. They just asked me if I wanted to dress up. I put it on, but it wasn’t tailor-made for me“, he details about his costume, already seen in the British version of Mask Singer. If I remember correctly, it was Hervé Hubert, the show’s producer, who suggested that I make this appearance. It’s always fun to make a surprise, to make the joke. It was very fast. I took the costume, I arrived on stage… Nothing was written. Everything was done in improvisation.

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“She didn’t recognize me”

However, once on stage, Chantal Ladesou did not immediately recognize her dear and tender. “The other investigators immediately joked that I could hide in this costume, but she didn’t recognize me.recalls Michael. It was Kev Adams who started the thing. I’m not sure he guessed it. It’s just because my name was recurring on the show. But I’m not offended: recognizing her husband in a cone. It was funny. She recognized me when I said I was her “heart manager”. I was once again the victim of my wife (laughs).

Soon on the boards with the family

Chantal is herself on the showsays her husband. She is surprising. She’s a wonderful blunderer. I can’t judge, but I think everyone is very happy. She receives a lot of benevolent messages from the public.“Would she be willing to sign for an additional season?”It belongs only to her, you will ask her the question“, launches the one who is about to go on stage alongside his wife. “I’m going to be on stage for the first time in my life, in the room 1983, played at the Théâtre de la Porte Saint-Martin, from the end of September. My daughter, Clémence Ansault, will also play in this play. The author chose us. My appearance will be brief“, concludes Michel Ansault.

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