Excluded. Love is in the meadow: Noémie looks back on the stay on the farm with her suitors

Noemie is among the women farmers who agreed to participate in season 17 of Love is in the meadow. The young woman has chosen two suitors to accompany her to the farm, Gaël and Romain. If the two boys have comparable physique, they are on the other hand very different in terms of character, one being very open, and the other much more discreet. The 25-year-old young woman, who was registered for the show by her relatives, does not hide the fact that cohabitation with two strangers was not easy to live with, especially the first days.

Télé-Loisirs: Did your relatives recognize you in the portrait?

Noemie: Wow yes, completely. I recognized myself too. Everyone said it was me, there was no doubt. This is the main. I’m not afraid to say things, whether it’s about me or about others. I had no trouble looking at the pictures.

Did your image displease you at times?

It’s complicated to discover yourself, but it’s a bit like the principle of the game. It’s also the accent. My relatives told me: ‘Your accent, something has to be done!’ (she laughs).

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Are you happy with the number of letters you have received?

For the amount of mail, I was surprised, because the days before the adventure I dreamed that I had none. (she laughs) I preferred to see less in speed-dating, to have fewer choices to make that day. So I did a bigger sorting in the mail. But as soon as there was a doubt, I invited people on speed-dating so as not to have any regrets.

How did you feel on the day of speed-dating?

It was super nice. It was a little stressful the context and all. It materialized on the farm, where it confirmed what I thought of the couriers.

You had physical criteria. Romain’s height was a particular problem for you…

It used to be, but now it isn’t. I stopped obsessing over that. But it’s true that we start with an idea ‘I want a big one’, and in the end we see further.

How was the cohabitation on the farm?

The beginnings were very complicated. It’s very strange to find yourself with two people at home, whom you don’t necessarily know. After that was. We get used to it and we talk about it. We unburden ourselves a bit and then it’s easier.

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You even broke down at one point and cried…

It was the first awakening that was very complicated. I took a slap saying to myself: ‘You wake up, there are two boys squatting in your room and you don’t know them’. The cameras, all that… I think that was the backlash. The days after, I evacuated the stress and afterwards it was gone.

What attracted you to your two suitors?

They are already very nice both, funny. Gaël is more of a physical attraction too. Romain, he had a sense of humor. Gaël also had some, but it was different, he was shy in front of the cameras. They were two completely different profiles. There is one who talks a lot, who monopolizes the attention. But after that it’s each his own charm.

Romain’s gift left you speechless, didn’t it?

(She laughs) The famous maroilles. He brought me many presents. It’s very nice of him, it touched me. But actually, I really have a hard time with strong-smelling cheeses. But I still tasted the maroilles tart, it’s not bad! But I will not dip my maroilles in my coffee in the morning!

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Could you tell us about the contest that your friends organized between the two boys?

I was not at all aware of the Olympiads. It was my friends who organized the thing. It’s super nice to see that they played the game. They “fought” for me.

You were surprised that they lend themselves to the game of ventriglisse?

Frankly because me on the contrary, I would not have done it! Frankly, a good surprise, it was very funny. This is really my best moment of the adventure.

They undressed for the occasion. Did that play into your choice?

No, that didn’t play into my choice at all, not at all. Gaël, that revealed other things. But that didn’t factor into my choice. (She laughs) You can find tattoos. He has a tribal and a Maori, I believe…

Did the day with your friends play into your choice?

He was more than advanced, shall we say, at the end of the day with my friends. It was the behavior of the boys during the day that played a role. I was very observant during that day to see how they got along with my friends. For their part, they came to explain to me what was said. It swirled around in my head. There are things that displeased me and suddenly it weighed in the balance. It made my decision a little bit easier.

In Monday’s episode, we see your mother telling you that she knows your choice. Was she right?

Absolutely ! (laughs)

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