Excluded. Not seen in Patron incognito: this detail which almost unmasked Emmanuel Tedesco during his immersion

This Monday, August 1, Incognito boss follows the founders of Yogurt Factory in a series of hidden immersions with their franchisees. Emmanuel Tedesco was almost unmasked upon his arrival, as he explained to us.

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While many channels have opted for repeat broadcasts of their programs during the summer period, M6 is betting on new features. In addition to new formats, such as Who can beat us? aired last Monday or traitors coming very soon, the channel is also offering new issues of its flagship shows. Thus it broadcasts this Monday, August 1st an unpublished episode of Incognito boss. Emmanuel Tedesco and Ouriel Hodarafounders and managers of the yogurt ice cream brand Yogurt Factory, immerse themselves in the daily life of three points of sale. And for Emmanuel Tedesco, things almost went wrong as soon as he arrived in Le Havre, as he told us.

I had to hide them under a piece of furniture

For the experience, the entrepreneur has traded Pierre, a seasonal worker with thick hair and a very relaxed look. The young man had to trick Lucile, in charge of a food truck in the Norman city. “When I arrived in immersion in Le Havre, my glasses – which I was not supposed to wear – fell out of my backpack. I had to hide them under a piece of furniture to retrieve them at the end of the day“, he confided to us. The stress obviously did not stop there. When it came time to make his first ice cream himself, Emmanuel/Pierre proved to be a little too talented. “It’s not possible, you’re lying to me! Are you an infiltrator or what? You’ve already made ice cream!”, Lucile immediately launched. “She found it a little suspicious that the ice creams were so ‘good’ because there is normally a helping hand to be had. Said I used to work at McDonald’s, I feel like it’s over“, he continued.

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Don’t be too good

But where I was most scared was with Brice, in Albi, because I had gone to see the store when it opened, a month and a half before shooting. But he didn’t recognize me at all. I think he was a bit lost with the cameras“, he then told us. As for Ouriel Hodara, he “was lucky not to know the employees of franchisees” because he “deals only with branches“. But to best interpret his role as a seasonal rookie, he opted for an unbeatable strategy.”I was very careful to look bad, to act like a clumsy, clumsy guy… I really didn’t have to be fooled on this“, he explained to us. A classic technique but which has proven itself.

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