Excluded.  "She's my confidante": Dame (The Voice 2023) confides in her close relationship with her grandmother

Excluded. “She’s my confidante”: Dame (The Voice 2023) confides in her close relationship with her grandmother

Dame, a young 33-year-old butcher and caterer, caused a sensation during the fourth evening of the blind auditions of The Voice 2023 airing this Saturday, March 18. He performed on guitar the hit For you to love me again by Celine Dion, a song that is particularly close to her heart. With this recovery, Dame won over the five coaches who were totally charmed by her original proposal. He particularly caught the eye of rapper Oli who did not hesitate to give him many compliments. However, the singer decided to join Vianney’s team, a well-considered decision. Dame returned exclusively for Tele-Leisure about his blind audition and his relationship with his grandmother who was upset during his performance.

Dame (The Voice 2023) : “We are very close with my grandmother

Tele-Leisure : In your portrait and on the set of The Voice you said “I am a part-time craftsman and a full-time artist”, can you explain this leitmotiv to us?

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Dame : I have been a craftsman for 18 years. I started working when I was 15. Then, I started music very late at 27, while starting to write songs at 20. The more the years have passed, the more time I have found to devote myself to my music, but at the same time, I have to earn a living. I’m totally into music and also into my work, because I still love what I do. For me, being a craftsman also means being an artist. I’m the same person in these two universes so different visually, but not that much, since they come together in many aspects.

During your performance, your grandmother was taken with great emotion behind the scenes when she discovered that the coaches had turned around, you seem very close.

We are very close with my grandmother, she’s my confidante. I also think that I make her proud… I give her strength by succeeding in the projects I undertake.

Lady: “My grandmother didn’t really know that I was making music

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How did she react when you announced your participation in The Voice ?

My grandmother follows the show a lot. The Voice is the show of the year, when the program starts, it’s an important moment for her. And there, she will not miss any bonus. She watches them at home with girlfriends. Then my grandmother I hid from her for a long time that I was making music, she didn’t really know it. And when I started telling her about it, it was at the very beginning, but she didn’t understand what I was doing, she thought it was madness. Then, the more the years passed, the more she understood and it actually touched her that I was so into a project. And there, whether it is validated by the coaches, she thinks that her grandson is gifted. I think she needs that too. We also call each other several times a week for years, my grandmother is very important to me.

Was it the first time she saw you sing on stage?

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It was the first time she heard me sing I think… (Laughs) I used to play music for her, but my productions are a bit different, so she didn’t really understand what I was doing. There, it was more accessible. Then, she is young in her head, like me. (Laughs) I am living a second youth.

Dame : “This piece of Celine Dion has followed me for several years…

Why did you decide to cover the title Pour que tu m’aime encore by Céline Dion? What does this song remind you of?

It was the song we used to listen to with my grandmother when I went to school. We listened to this music with my aunt as well. This piece has followed me for several years… And there was my grandmother with me at the blind auditions so I interpreted For you to love me still.

Did you expect to see the four chairs turn around?

I hadn’t specially prepared for the blind auditions… I was very proud to be there. I wanted them to flip of course, but the moment I started playing it was like in a movie, like in Star is BornA blur, nothing! I was just happy to be there, smiling, watching the audience. I didn’t say to myselfThey have to turn around”. Besides, they turned around towards the end of my performance… They turn around at the same time and I thought it was crazy! Inevitably, it would have bothered me to leave like that without them turning around, but I was prepared no matter what.

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Did you already have an idea of ​​the team you wanted to join before the blind auditions?

I knew I was going to choose Vianney if he turned around, because he’s a very good guitarist. I also hesitated with Zazie because it is the one whose music I listen to the most of the five. But when it came time to choose, I hesitated a lot, because Bigflo and Oli gave me a lot of praise and I adore them. I didn’t really know where to turn, I stuttered a few times… I still chose Vianney as I had imagined him to give me two or three guitar tips.

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