Excluded. Théo Fernandez looks back on his experience in Dancing with the Stars!

the adventure Dance with the stars is already over for Théo Fernandez… Present in La Rochelle to promote the series Darknet-sur-mersoon on Prime Video, the young man returned to his short stint on the TF1 dance show after being eliminated on Friday September 16.

For him, Dance with the stars It’s already over. Théo Fernandez, actor emeritus, has more facilities on the boards than on the floor of TF1. For the second bonus of the dance competition on the front page and his first stint in the program, the young man was no match for his competitors. Present in La Rochelle to promote the series Darknet-sur-mersoon on Prime Video, the young actor stopped at the microphone of Tele-Leisure. In particular, he confides that he has no regrets about his (short) passage on the TF1 show.

I gave all I could“, affirmed Théo Fernandez, eliminated from Dance with the stars 2022

Theo Fernandez, far from being bitter about his elimination, was lucid about his chances of going far in the competition. “I expected to leave from the start. I would say that 50% of the cast are almost professional dancers. Afterwards, I imagine that the judges take that into account otherwise I would have had a 2“, he begins. Compared to his performance, the young man does not feel any regrets. “I gave everything I could. I’m not frustrated that I missed something, I was at the end of the choreography. At the end, I was very moved, it was felt, I prefer to leave like that than to win by being focused on performance, by being very serious. I had a blast, I acted, I took the stage, I was happy“, he continues. He does not want the judges, after his elimination: “Even though they eliminated me, we had a big hug at the end.”

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A beautiful chemistry with his dancer Alizée Bois

The fall of Théo Fernandez led to the elimination of his dancer, the novice Alizee Bois. A partner with whom he got along particularly well. “I loved my dancer. There was so much feeling with Alizée, she knew how to talk to me so much…“An osmosis that was felt by viewers.”We gave everything we could, a lot of emotions and sincerity… People felt it”, says the actor. Eliminated, the latter will therefore be able to devote himself to his other artistic projects. The sister of Elsa Bois, who will have benefited from only one bonus on the floor of Studio 217, will be back every week for collective dances with the other professionals of the show.

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