Exclusive detailed explanation of moving point car: Unitsky String technology company’s new solution can solve the traffic impact caused by climate change

The weather caused severe damage to the transportation system. Commercial airplanes cannot take off and land in stormy weather. Cars and trucks cannot drive on flooded roads. Ice, snow and strong winds make traveling by car dangerous. Unfortunately, global warming means that there will be more weather-related disturbances in the future.

If the road is impassable, self-driving cars will not be able to take us where we need to go. But Unitsky String Technologies, Inc. has an answer-a light and sturdy string-track overpass that can transport passengers and goods over the earth. The prestressing element is located at the core of the string track. The main tensile load acts on the anchor support. This is why the intermediate support requires less material and is lighter. Therefore, the construction cost of the Unitsky String Technologies complex is much lower than any other type of overpass transportation system, and its strength is 10 times that of traditional road bridges or railway trestle bridges. Even if one of the brackets is damaged by the earthquake, the brackets on both sides are strong enough to support the structure.

The Unitsky complex is almost immune to weather disturbances, because snow and ice do not stick to the tracks. The flood flowed around the stent, like a tsunami water poured in and spread to the land, then receded, leaving palm trees standing. As an added benefit, the system does not create obstacles for wild animals, they can move underneath them undisturbed. The system is not affected by fog, smoke or other visual obstacles, because artificial intelligence replaces human operators to control the speed of uPods (an autonomous electric vehicle with steel wheels) and is not affected by low visibility conditions.

Passengers are taken into modern cabins equipped with advanced connectivity and entertainment systems. If the system is powered by renewable resources such as solar or wind energy, uPod’s carbon emissions are zero. The technology can also choose a high-speed version to transport passengers at speeds of more than 300 miles per hour.

What are the use cases for Unitsky String Technologies? California has been trying to establish high-speed rail connections between its major cities for two decades, but the plan has swallowed up capital investment at a fierce rate and is far from complete. The soaring cost of land acquisition has further hindered the project. The land acquisition cost of the Unitsky complex will be greatly reduced because it only requires supporting structures. The vast majority of the system will pass through the land below, rather than being built on the land itself.

Imagine what the Unitsky String Technologies complex means to flood-prone areas such as New Orleans and New York, both of which have been plagued by flooding from Hurricane Ida recently. Residents of these cities will not find themselves trapped by similar storms, and Unitsky Railway will continue to operate normally even in extreme weather. Cities affected by rising sea levels can build transportation systems that are not affected by more frequent coastal flooding.

The high-speed Unitsky String Technologies solution is similar in many ways to the idea of ​​Hyperloop, which is to dig tunnels underground to transport people and vehicles. For crowded cities where land is expensive, this may be a good solution, although the Unitsky complex can be installed above city streets without the visual and movement obstacles caused by the overhead railway in the past. For long-distance travel, the cost of the Unitsky String Technologies system should be only a fraction of the cost of building hundreds or even thousands of miles of tunnels. From an emissions perspective, these tunnels require a lot of concrete (the cement industry is one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions, which make the earth too hot to live).

The uSky R&D Center of Unitsky String Technologies is located in a fully operational complex a few kilometers from the Dubai exhibition. It is open to visitors, who will be able to view this potentially game-changing technology, learn more from the company representatives present, and even conduct trial rides. The core of the Unitsky String Technologies solution is a modern transportation device that provides reliable, high-speed, emission-free mobility, and is not affected by many environmental factors that can stall traditional systems. It is also expected to be much lower than traditional systems that are very expensive to build. It is a mode of transportation reimagined for the 21st century.

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