Exclusive: Madeleine’s secret 40th anniversary celebration in Stockholm – Silvia’s plans revealed!

Princess Madeleine

Swedish Lady reveals secret royal party: This is how Princess Madeleine will be celebrated when she turns 40 this summer!

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What a festive summer awaits Princess Madeleine!

In just a few weeks, she will return home to Sweden with her family to celebrate her 40th birthday on June 10 – and now Swedish Lady can reveal the plans for the secret celebration:

Just like when Madeleine and Chris got married that June day eight years ago, the festivities will take place on board a boat!

Chris O'Neill partying on an archipelago boat on his way to his and Princess Madeleine's wedding dinner

A very party-loving Chris O’Neill. Soon he will come to Sweden to celebrate his wife.

Photo: TT

The party evening begins with a boat trip and dinner is served on board while the archipelago boat cruises around Stockholm’s inlet.

But then the party temperature rises a few more notches – because after the cruise, the celebration continues with entertainment at Gröna Lund.

The planning has been going on for months and one of the experienced party fixers who keeps the threads is none other than the royal family’s own party queen Silvia. She will also – according to what the Swedish Lady experiences – give a very personal speech to her daughter during the dinner.

Queen Silvia at Victor Magnuson's wedding

The planning has been going on in silence – and it is the queen herself who is the spider in the web!

Photo: Patrik C Österberg / Swedish Lady

The party is also held in collaboration with Madeleine’s and Queen Silvia’s joint heart child World Childhood Foundation.

According to Swedish Lady’s experience, Princess Madeleine has also expressed a wish that it is precisely to Childhood that those who want to celebrate her should turn with their gifts.

In this way, her birthday presents will help several of the children who live in vulnerability in different ways.

Guests on their way to Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill's wedding dinner aboard a boat

The royal family likes to party out on the lake!

Photo: TT

This is how Princess Madeleine will be celebrated on her 40th birthday

But there are more parties waiting for Madeleine – not least the friends’ celebration. In addition, her best friend Louise Thott also turns 40 – specifically on June 1, just nine days before Madeleine herself.

Princess Madeleine at Victor Magnuson's wedding

Party Princess Madeleine. On June 10, she turns 40 and is celebrated by the entire royal family.

Photo: Patrik C Österberg / Swedish Lady

There will also be a large private 40th anniversary dinner on the actual birthday on June 10, with the royal couple hosting. According to Svensk Dam’s experience, it is held at one of the royal castles and the dress code is tuxedo.

Photo: Patrik C Österberg / Svensk Damtidning, TT.

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