"Exemplary Courage" : Anthony Delon evokes the last moments of his mother

In January 2021, Nathalie Delon succumbed to pancreatic cancer. On the waves of France Bleu, his son Anthony returned to his last moments and the courage of his mother in the face of death.

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On January 21, 2021, Nathalie Delon succumbed to overwhelming cancer at the age of 79. It was Anthony, his son, who announced the terrible news. The whole Delon clan had paid tribute to him, starting with his patriarch. “I am very sad“, declared Alain Delon, touched by his disappearance. Before adding: “I also feel sorry for my son and my three little girls. It’s very hard to lose a mother, like a grandmother.” The son of the actress had also told, a few days after his death, the last very moving meeting between his two parents. “It was January 2 (…) I took their picture, then it was my daughter who took us. They parted as if they were going to see each other again. he then explained.

Anthony Delon salutes the “exemplary courage” from his mother Natalie

The actor, who confides in his relationship with his father in his booke Between dog and wolf, was Wendy Bouchard’s guest on France Bleu. He made very moving confidences on the death of his mother. I say : ‘My mother gave me life and she showed me how to die’, he said in the preamble. “She had pancreatic cancer, it’s true. And it was quite dazzling, quite fast. She showed exemplary courage, dignity and above all she was a fighter. He was someone who loved life, he continued. Anthony Delon then explained how he had been present alongside Nathalie Delon in his last moments and the importance that these moments had taken on for him. “Besides, that’s why we decided to film without showing anything immodest. It was also a way to accompany him. Death is scary, it’s true. It’s important to accompanying the people we love and the people in our family (…) There are so many old people who are abandoned in retirement homes. I think it’s also important for a son, a daughter, to accompany his father or his mother in this ordeal.he noted.

Nathalie Delon shared the life of the sacred monster of French cinema from 1964 to 1969

Nathalie Delon, Francine Canovas of her real name, had started her film career with the Samurai in 1963. It was also during this shoot that she met Alain Delon, with whom she was in a relationship from 1964 to 1969. She then toured with the biggest names in the seventh art: Jacques Deray (Slow down the bass), Claude Berri (sex shop), Christian Jacques (doctor justice) or even Roger Vadim (A faithful wife). She has also directed two films, They call it an accident in 1982, and Sweet Lies in 1988, before retiring from the film industry.

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