Exhibition about Walter Benjamin: The Berlin Childhood and the Palace

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Madlen Haarbach writes from NEUKÖLLN about the following topics, among others:

  • Walter Benjamin is considered one of the most important modern thinkers. In 1940 the Jewish philosopher was driven to suicide by the Nazis. Benjamin grew up in Berlin during the Gründerzeit. A special exhibition in Britz Castle, Alt-Britz 73, is now dedicated to his childhood in Berlin. Selected texts from his miniatures “Berlin Childhood around Nineteen Hundred” can be heard again in the context of the historic rooms of the palace. The exhibition entitled “Expeditions into the Depths of Memory” combines the text fragments with seven artistic interpretations of Benjamin’s works and his person. Benjamin grew up, the son of a merchant and art dealer, in a villa in the Grunewald in a social class roughly comparable to that of the last private owners of Schloss Britz, the industrialist family Wrede, who used the manor house as a summer residence. You can find this exhibition notice and many more tips and dates in the newsletter, other topics this time include:
  • The urban nature rangers mediate between people and urban nature
  • What good are the Neukölln cycle streets?
  • Car-free day also in Neukölln
  • Luke Holland was murdered seven years ago
  • New building of the youth center NW80: construction work massively delayed
  • Pumpkin and apple festival in the Britzer Garden
  • Eisstadion postpones the start of the season
  • Mühsam commemoration in the Hufeisensiedlung
  • Discussion series on controversial street names
  • Integration officer Güner Balci writes in the “Zeit” about her relationship with the Columbiabad

Lisa Erzsa Weil from REINICKENDORF reports with these topics, for example:

  • What is the future of Residenzstrasse? City Councilor Korinna Stephan in an interview
  • International Car-Free Day: Reinickendorf’s lanes become play streets here
  • Fake fundraisers: beware of scammers
  • German Kita Prize 2023: Tegeler Kita Apfelbäumchen nominated in the category “Kita des Jahres”.
  • At the start of the intercultural week: 17 banners against racism presented
  • In the neighborhood camera: the idyll around the village church of Alt-Reinickendorf
  • “Lettekiez reads” – author Stefan Moster about a special kind of Arctic journey
  • Free music festival Klangstrasse comes in October with local and international acts

From the district MITTE (with Wedding etc.) Julia Weiss reports among other things about:

  • Traffic calming and neighborhood blocks in Luisenstadt decided
  • Again trouble about felled trees
  • Kindergarten in Beusselstraße opens with 120 new daycare places
  • After partial demolition of the brutalist ensemble: WBM is planning new types of housing in Rathenower Straße in Moabit
  • Seniors week starts
  • Debora Ruppert shows photographs of homeless women in the House of Representatives
  • Car-free day: five streets in Mitte become play streets

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