Exodus of Algerian doctors to France: Éric makes his Zemmour

As usual, the political journalist and polemicist Eric Zemmour connects the interviews on the television sets and connects in parallel the remarks “shunned”. Each lexie is controversial when it comes from the mouth of the French presidential candidate of 2022.

Indeed, Zemmour annoys, saddens and even disgusts with his remarks that many consider racist, xenophobic and Islamophobic. Wherever he is invited, journalists know the recipe for making a record audience or generating a maximum of clicks. No need to ask him questions about his political program, he is only bombarded with questions pre-conditioned to create buzz and cause controversy.

This time, it was live from the political program of BFM TV “France in the eyes”. Asked about the influx of foreign doctors, particularly from the Maghreb, with 1,200 Algerian doctors accepted out of a total of 2,000 places available, the right-wing candidate was unfavorable to this solution.

The end of the exodus of Algerian doctors

I want to end it. We do without its 1,200 doctors and leave them to Algeria, which really needs them. The dilapidated state of Algerian hospitals absolutely requires that they keep these doctors declared the writer, given the mass departure of Algerian doctors whose first destination is France.

Knowing that there are approximately 15,000 Algerian doctors already settled in France, Zemmour underlines that it is not a question of sending those who are already there with a regular residence permit but rather of no longer accepting foreigners. In addition, the presidential candidate explains the scandal surrounding the medical sector in France, proposing reforms for the sector and for his studies.

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