Expensive fun! – What’s on the Kardashians wish lists

When the Kardashians celebrate Christmas, a lot of coal is wasted!

After all, what do you give someone who already has everything? This is exactly the question Kourtney Kardashian (42) asked himself and asked her mother and sisters to reveal their wishes – and of course to make them palatable to Kardashian fans worldwide. The tiny but not entirely unimportant catch: The Kardashians’ desired products are not all from Kourtneys PooshCollection – but also absurdly expensive!

Even at Christmas time it doesn’t work without selfishness …

The Kardashians’ wish list includes a vase worth 499 dollars (around 445 euros), such as the “The Mirror“Writes. But there is even more to it than that! Because the gift from Momager Kris Jenner (66) is called “Lettuce Grow” and is a kind of self-watering, self-fertilizing greenhouse in the form of a vase.

With this device, the lettuce can be grown at homePhoto: PR

The other sisters, on the other hand, have almost opted for something inexpensive!

Kim (41) wants a skipping rope. But not for just anybody! With this “intelligent rope”, the fitness goal and the number of jumps are displayed. Cost: $ 80.

The display projects LED lights into the air while it is in use and can be paired with an app on the phone. Not just smart, but also the cheapest gift on the Kardashian list.

Who hasn't dreamed of owning a skipping rope that can project lights into the air?

Who hasn’t dreamed of owning a skipping rope that can project lights into the air?Photo: PR

Khloé (37) decided on a kitchen composter. With this part, Khloé, as she says, wants to teach her daughter True (3) how important it is to avoid food waste in this way. The compost costs $ 499.

Will Khloe use the composter?

Will Khloé use the desired composter?Photo: PR

Kendall, 26, is hoping for a blanket priced at $ 179, and Kylie, 24, chose a skin care product with LED bulbs to prevent wrinkles. Price: $ 249.

Makes sense at the age of 24 …

Kourtney also recommends an infrared sauna blanket valued at $ 518, which Kourtney claims will be giving to friends and family.

This blanket should bring the sauna experience into your home

This blanket should bring the sauna experience into your homePhoto: PR

Even Kardashian fans have their skulls buzzing at this amount! They comment: “A gift guide for ordinary people would be great too. Nobody buys a 500 blanket. Let’s be realistic! “

And they are just right there.

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