Expert in Digital Transformation calls for improving the security of public systems

On August 25, the Chilean National Consumer Service (Sernac) reported that it was the victim of a violation of its computer systems, which affected its website and databases. The event lasted for several days, so the Service could only attend through its call center and in person.

Although the service continues to monitor the situation, and assured that fortunately no sensitive data was leaked, one wonders why this is happening? And one of the valid answers is the lack of planning, since there was clearly no technological risk analysis.

Prevention is better: advice from the specialists

For example, to avoid this type of inconvenience, business continuity plans (BCP) and disaster recovery plans (DRP) must be implemented, which must be a constant for today’s companies that want to exist tomorrow.

“Although it is true that the investment that this type of plan entails is not minor, it becomes much more complex when the infrastructure is not designed according to the elasticity that companies require,” says Matias Corrales, CEO of Kolossus Chile, a Digital Transformation company. .

“Thanks to the digital transformation, Cloud computing has arrived, which offers this elasticity and already brings the capabilities to implement these contingency plans, since its business is that, to offer computing capacity safely at reasonable prices,” he added.

The concept of digital transformation has been in vogue for a long time. The vast majority mistakenly transmits it as if it were a project that has a beginning and an end. It is that digital transformation is the path by which companies, processes and lives must be technologically modernized.

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