Expertise revealed that Ramos was in the area where the taxi driver was found dead |  THE TERRITORY news from Misiones

Expertise revealed that Ramos was in the area where the taxi driver was found dead | THE TERRITORY news from Misiones

Saturday March 18, 2023 | 2:30 p.m.

While the Investigating Court Seven of Posadas continues to incorporate evidence into the file investigating the murder of Claudia Benítez, the 34-year-old taxi driver who was found dead on May 18 of last year inside a water well of an abandoned house In Nemesio Parma, details of one of the reports that were made at the time to the cell phone of Franco Ramos, one of the two defendants in the case, became known yesterday. The other is the victim’s partner, Juan Andrés Rodríguez (39).

According to what was expressed by sources involved in the investigation, it was learned that from the meticulous file recovery work that was done on the Ramos device, who was arrested after a raid on August 2 in a house in the Sol neighborhood of Misiones II, it was reconstructed that the defendant sent photographs of the place where Benítez was found murdered and that they were taken by his own device.

Through the recovery of deleted images from the phone, it was established that Ramos sent these photos to his partner on three different occasions. The last, three days before the discovery of the body.

The registry showed that the images were sent on April 26 and then on May 5 and 15, 2022. In addition, on April 23 and May 3, photographs were found of a terraced street that on one side has a perimeter fence. And that coincides in characteristics with one of the neighboring roads of Campo Bauer, near the abandoned house where the horror was discovered.

As if that were not enough, it was also detected that on May 15 of last year, Ramos called the victim’s phone, although no further details were disclosed in relation to the latter.

It should be remembered that one of the latest news that this medium published on this case occurred almost four months after the preventive detention for the two defendants that the investigation has so far. This was when the province’s Chamber of Appeals confirmed the proceedings carried out by Judge Miguel Mattos, in charge of the investigation and of the Seventh Investigating Court.

At the beginning of October of last year, the resolution of the members of Chamber 1 – made up of the members Ricardo Venialgo and María Ruth Dilaccio – was made official, where the provisional qualification imposed by the magistrate was ratified unanimously.

The latter, at the end of July 2022, ordered that both Juan Andrés Rodríguez (39) and Franco Jesús Ramos (27) be charged with homicide qualified by the link and treachery and homicide qualified by treachery, respectively.

Which made both the legal representative of Rodríguez, the lawyer Roxana Ramírez Moll, from Estudio Jabornicky & Asociados, and the official defender of Franco Ramos decided to appeal the extension of the detention period of their defendants.

disappearance and crime
The reconstruction of the case so far shows that Rodríguez was delayed in investigating the fact by the Misiones Police as soon as the fact was known, that is, on Tuesday, May 17 in the morning.

A complaint made months ago by the taxi driver herself for gender violence quickly put him on the investigators’ radar.

Even more so after the discovery of Claudia’s body that occurred a day later and where the man was formally detained as the main and only suspect until then. Meanwhile, the arrest of Ramos became known months later.

On Thursday, June 2 of last year, police investigators apprehended him in his humble home in the Sol de Misiones II neighborhood after an important police deployment.

The investigators reached him after it was determined -through Imei- that Claudia Benítez’s cell phone was again active in the Itaembé Mini area.

It was established that the device had been activated with a line that had been legally acquired, which made it easier to locate the owner.

The owner was interviewed the day before and from that it was determined that he had purchased the device in good faith.

Through different inquiries, the buyer gave information about the person who sold the Samsung A12 of the driver’s worker and with that information the police bloodhounds arrived at Ramos.

Ramos and his life sentence for killing his girlfriend

Ramos was sentenced to life in December for the crime against his partner.

Beyond his alleged involvement in the murder of the wheel worker, Franco Ramos weighs another serious femicide on his back.

On December 21, after eight days of debate in the Dos de Posadas Criminal Court and with the contribution of more than 30 witnesses, Ramos himself was sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime of his partner, Marina Da Silva. , a 19-year-old girl who was found beaten to death on December 31, 2013 in a water well in Campo Bauer, in Nemesio Parma. And in similar characteristics to what happened with Claudia Benítez.

Exactly nine years after the last time the victim was seen alive, the court sentenced Ramos to life imprisonment, and in turn, acquitted Juan Ángel Portal and Alejandro Da Silva, who were also accused and They were immediately released.

Ramos was found guilty of “aggravated homicide for being committed against the person with whom he has had a relationship.”

In a speech that lasted just over an hour, the first to present his arguments during the arguments of the debate was the prosecutor Vladimir Glinka, who on his back and on a projector that accompanied him in his presentation showed a large part of the morning photograph of the victim when she was 15 years old.

Based on the profiles that he was putting together of each one of those involved in this bloody story, it emerged that Ramos was a person who would have traits of a perverse mentality.

“Without saying a word, because she had no defensive gestures, she receives two blows to the skull, near the well. What Ramos could not control was the lack of resources. He got blood on it and had to go back into the house and look for the fan extension cord. He tied her up with it. He tied the stereo bag around his waist with a rock. The bag is also a recognized resource,” said the prosecutor.

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