Experts criticize Costa Rica and Keylor Navas after a scandalous win against Spain in Qatar 2022

The fans of the Costa Rican team were very excited after hearing the statements from the players and coaching staff stating that they would give everything to put their country at the top in their debut against Spain.

However, despite the fact that there was hope in the Central American country, the team led by Luis Fernando Suárez had an unspeakable performance when they were beaten 7-0 against their counterparts in Spain, suffering their worst defeat in this type of tournament.

Criticism of Costa Rica
From various parts of the world they criticized what Costa Rica did this Wednesday against Spain. Milton Aparicio, a Salvadoran journalist, compared the Ticos with the ‘Selecta’ and began to imagine the level that Hugo Pérez’s team must have.

Mexican journalist David Faitelson, who lives in the United States, considered that Luis Fernando Suárez’s squad should have renewed all of its lines, and accused the performance of the Central Americans as “unacceptable.”

Gustavo Roca, a Honduran journalist, also attacked the “neighbors” of the catrachos, since he considers that they made a fool of themselves in the city of Doha, and that they left Concacaf in a bad light.

The last team that conceded 6 goals in a World Cup was that of Panama, who four years ago was beaten 6-1 by England, however, the Ticos surpassed that score in the Middle East.

Harsh criticism from the media of the Costa Rican soccer team

The digital version of the newspaper La Nación points out that Costa Rica suffers the worst beating in history; The hardest thing is that it was a team without a soul against Spain and he points out that the Costa Rican National Team had a disastrous debut at the World Cup in Qatar. Spain surpassed the Ticos in everything, who did not make a single shot on target.

The Extra newspaper holds International Ridicule! Spain humiliates the Sele, adds that Costa Rica suffers the worst defeat in World Cup participations and affirms that the national team had a debut to forget in the World Cup in Qatar 2022 after losing spectacularly to its similar Spain 0-7.

El Observador indicates Costa Rica’s historical and total ridicule in its World Cup debut, adding that the National Team’s speech of wanting to be world champions stayed in the dressing room or in the concentration hotel.

He refers that the Tricolor did not take him to the field for his debut against Spain, where he suffered, made a fool of himself and was sorry, and concludes that the 0 to 7 is final, there is not much to say.

While the digital media ElMundocr describes the work of Costa Rica as shameful, ElPaí considers that 7-0: Spain excites and convinces Costa Rica with a historic win.

The digital news estimates historical humiliation: Spain tore Sele to pieces 0-7 and explains that the speech of being world champions was completely diluted, in one night in Doha, in which Costa Rica was humiliated by Spain.

Likewise, headlines Spain strikes the heart of Costa Rica with a humiliating win in Qatar and specifies that the illusion of the Tricolor did not last very long given the notorious superiority of the Spanish.

And if that were not enough, memes against the Costa Rican soccer team are flooding social networks.

Keylor Navas suffers his worst defeat with Costa Rica

The Costa Rican team suffered one of the worst defeats for a Concacaf team in a World Cup after losing 7-0 to Spain in a duel in which the Costa Ricans were widely outclassed by Spain.

One of the main players pointed out in this Wednesday’s defeat was the PSG goalkeeper, Keylor Navas, who unfortunately made mistakes that cost the Central American team dearly in this painful defeat against Furia Roja.

Nine years had to pass before Keylor Navas conceded seven goals in one game again. The last time this happened was on August 18, 2013, when the Tico played for Levante and the Valencia team suffered a scandalous defeat against Barcelona by the same scoreline that took place this Wednesday at the Al Thumama Stadium in Qatar. .

It should also be noted that after this setback, Navas suffered his worst defeat wearing the Costa Rican shirt, surpassing the 4-0 he received against Honduras in the World Cup qualifiers for South Africa 2010, the 4-1 against Mexico in the 2011 Gold Cup and some friendly duels against rivals like Ecuador and Belgium, against which he also allowed four scores.

They accuse Keylor Navas of participating in a family party before the win

A tremendous 7-0 win marked the Spanish team against its Costa Rica counterpart, at the beginning of both countries disputing the Qatar 2022 World Cup, where criticism has focused on goalkeeper Keylor Navas.

Although the misfortune of their squad made those led by Luis Enrique go over them at all times, even without registering shots on goal by the Ticos, the darts are aimed at the PSG goal.

This, because, as reported by the newspaper Récord de México, “the goalkeeper again made controversy in a World Cup for being undisciplined.”

All this for an image published by his wife, Andrea Salas, where you can see the goalkeeper having dinner with his whole family, the night before Costa Rica’s World Cup debut.

“The snapshot portrays the coexistence that the soccer players had with their wives hours after playing their first game in the World Cup tournament, something that points to a lack of commitment to the seriousness of the event,” they highlight in the publication.

Despite the fact that he is only seen having dinner with his family, the bomb has been turned on by the permits that the selected ones are having, hours before an important commitment.

Something that recalled the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, where the outstanding generation of that country reached the quarterfinals with Navas himself at the helm, but where they had a bad relationship with coach Jorge Luis Pinto, who denied them this type of permission.

“According to the versions, this action cost Pinto his job, since Nava would have ‘made his bed’ after Costa Rica’s surprising participation in Brazil 2014, a World Cup in which they had managed to taste the honeys of the Quarterfinals and were eliminated by the Netherlands in a penalty shootout,” they detail.

For the same reason, given the aforementioned background, criticism once again charges Navas and the team’s dressing room, for taking special permits, which is aggravated by Spain’s 7-0 win.

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