Experts react to new developments

– The police in Agder have tried to construct a narrative that does not match reality, says author and former homicide investigator Jørn Lier Horst.

The re-admission commission never learned that Andersen was reported for the rape of a woman in 2009.

PASSIVE: Jørn Lier Horst reacts to the passive argumentation of the police. Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB

On the contrary, state prosecutor Erik Erland Holmen wrote the following about Andersen to the Re-instatement Commission when they recommended that they avoid reopening the Baneheia case:

“There is no information that Andersen has previously abused either adults or children, or that he has behaved threateningly or violently.”

Andersen denies having committed the rape.

– Special statement

Horst believes that the statement about what the police do not know functions as a passive argument for their position and view on the matter.

– By implication, they vouch for Andersen and say that he hasn’t done anything crazy, he says.

Previously, Holmen told TV 2 that the information about the rape was unknown to them when they gave their statements to the commission. He also refers to the statement as “very unfortunate”.

TV 2 has not succeeded in getting in touch with Holmen.

Horst does not want to speculate on why the police did not inform about the rape report, but says that he finds the statement “special” and “strange”.

– It can be perceived as an attempt to protect previous decisions.

The chief of police in Agder police district, Kjerstin Askholt, writes to TV 2 that she does not want to engage in various speculations in a serious case like this.

– I hope and look forward that the investigation in the Bureau will give us a factual and good basis for assessing the district’s handling of this part of the Baneheia case, writes Askholt.

– Destroys the narrative

On Thursday, it became known that the Bureau of Police Affairs is investigating the Agder police district for possible misconduct in the Baneheia case.

Bjørn Olav Jahr, journalist and author of the books “The murders in Baneheia” and “Prosessen mot Viggo Kristiansen”, believes the investigation is in order.

– This is information that is very relevant to the question of whether Jan Helge Andersen could have been able to carry out such an assault alone, says Jahr.

If the information about the rape report had come to light earlier, it could have influenced Viggo Kristiansen’s sentence, he believes.

IN ITS PLACE: Bjørn Olav Jahr says that the investigation by the police is in its place, Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB

IN ITS PLACE: Bjørn Olav Jahr says that the investigation by the police is in its place, Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB

– This is just speculation, but it is not impossible to believe that this information could have spared Viggo Kristiansen 10-11 years in prison.

– All along, there has been a clear idea that Andersen was not capable of carrying out such an assault alone. This information destroys this narrative.

Although the dismissed rape case is not evidence in the Baneheia case, Jahr believes that this changes the perception of Andersen’s willingness and ability to commit sexual abuse.

– Asks questions for the investigation

It was police prosecutor Ingrid Thorsen in the Agder police district who dropped the rape case.

In May, she wrote to TV 2 that the police did not think that the case would have any relevance in relation to the concrete evidence and the conditions for criminal guilt in the Baneheia case.

Jahr believes that the statement is “very special”.

– I cannot understand any of this. It is obvious that this is of great importance, and it makes me question how well this case has actually been investigated.

TV 2 has not succeeded in getting in touch with Ingrid Thorsen. Agder police district does not want to comment on individual statements and refers the Bureau, which is now investigating the case, for further comments.

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