Expired post-graduation work permit: new measures in Canada

Faced with the shortage of labor and the lack of personnel in its structures, Canada announced, last April, its new policy which offers foreign graduates the possibility of staying longer on Canadian territory, in order to gain more professional experience.

Thus, she offers its people, whose residence permit has expired within the 18-month period. To renew their license and why not find a new job opportunity. Moreover, in a press release made public on August 2, Canadian Immigration and Citizenship announced new measures.

Indeed, the latter concern foreign students in possession of an expired or expiring post-graduate work permit.

New measures for foreign graduates in possession of an expired work permit

the Canada has put in place new measures that will come into effect from August 8th. It intends by these to offer these graduates the ability to work or to integrate a new job at the end of the 18 months granted by the IRCC.

Consequently, the Canadian government has decided to grant the persons concerned an additional period. Allowing them to work while waiting for the renewal of their residence permit. Indeed, this interim period will be in effect until May 31, 2023.

Thus, foreign graduates whose work permit has expired in the period from September 20, 2021 to December 31, 2022, will receive an email from the IRCC. The latter includes an authorization for these people to carry out their work during this intermediate period. An authorization to present to his employer in order to be able to work as normally as possible.

In addition, Canadian Immigration and Citizenship specifies in its press release. That this new measure does not regulate, in any way, the residence status of the person. If it has expired. In addition, the IRCC specifies that, if the person does not have a legal status, he is required to request the regularization of his situation at the same time as the request for renewal of the work permit.

What about people in possession of a request for access routes from RT to PR?

The Canadian government has not forgotten those with an application under the pathways from temporary residence (TR) to permanent residence (PR). Indeed, the IRCC specifies that this category can also apply for an open work permit, provided that the application for permanent residence has not yet been settled. Thus, these people will be able to work while awaiting regularization of their permanent residence.

Thus, this category will receive an open work permit, the validity of which is limited to December 31, 2024. This is in order to fill the waiting period resulting from the processing of applications for permanent residence. In addition, to benefit from this open work permit, the person must have a passport whose validity exceeds the date mentioned above.

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