Explorations: Traffic light coalition: Now it depends on the general secretaries

Why Volker Wissing, Lars Klingbeil and Michael Kellner have the most difficult task of all. And what reward awaits them.

It now depends on Lars Klingbeil, Volker Wissing and Michael Kellner. After the exploratory talks between the SPD, the Greens and the FDP, the General Secretaries of the SPD and FDP and the federal manager of the Greens (who do not have the post of general) the task of putting on paper by Friday what was agreed upon in 14 hours of debate between the parties.

What sounds simple is a sensitive task: Because the paper that stands at the end of this process has to be balanced so carefully that each exploratory team can convince its own party that it is worthwhile to go into Coalition negotiations to get in. At the same time, the aim is to make it clear that the results will be a success for your own store without snubbering your partners.

Wednesday and Thursday are therefore “two very decisive days,” said Lars Klingbeil before the start of this process, “which I believe we all respect and look forward to”.

Klingbeil, Kellner and Wissing – the three men from the engine room

While Olaf Scholz, Robert Habeck, Annalena Baerbock and Christian Lindner are at the head of the negotiating teams, Klingbeil, Kellner and Wissing are, so to speak, the men from the Engine room of the parties. Read here: What a traffic light coalition could mean for the climate

Lars Klingbeil was still under criticism in the spring because there were party friends who found the SPD election campaign too quiet. But that was a long time ago – now he is the man whose campaign made the SPD the strongest force and Olaf Scholz probably the next Chancellor. He should therefore have the lowest hurdles to convince his party of a traffic light coalition.

It looks completely different with Volker Wissingwhose party this alliance costs the most to overcome in terms of content. But the Secretary General has made a name for himself internally and with potential partners with soft tones and a binding manner. Interesting too: Ampel-Koalition: These are the demands made by the middle class

General secretaries are being discussed as ministers

The third person in the group is also the longest-serving employee. Michael Kellner has been a hub and organizer in the party for eight years. But behind him lies an election campaign in which the Greens repeatedly stumbled upon technical mistakes on the part of the campaign team. If he manages to pave the way for a traffic light government, it is therefore also an opportunity for him to appease internal party critics.

Succeeds Government formation, beckons all three of them to take the next step in their careers. Both Klingbeil and Wissing are under discussion as potential ministers. And waiter is also said to have ambitions for higher offices than his current one.

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