Explosion at Södermalm

The alarm came three minutes past midnight on Saturday night.

Several people are said to have heard a loud explosion on Barnängsgatan on Södermalm in Stockholm.

– At the moment, we are there with a large force and are trying to investigate what has happened. We have not encountered anyone injured, says Jonas Widmark, RLC officer at the police.

Residential area cordoned off

The police are on the scene together with both the rescue service and an ambulance.

– I interpret it as an apartment building and there is damage to that property, says Jonas Widmark.

A residential area has been cordoned off.

– It’s a big effort, there are police cars, ambulances and fire trucks. There is a helicopter up here, says Danielle Langert, SVT’s reporter on the spot.

The area where the explosion took place is described as a normally quiet residential area.

The text is updated

Here at the gate of an apartment building, something exploded shortly after midnight on the night of Saturday. Photo: Blue light images

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