External SSD sales: Samsung’s 1TB drops to a surprising price

News good plan External SSD sales: Samsung’s 1TB drops to a surprising price

During these 2022 summer sales, almost all tech products are in the spotlight, even SSDs with this Samsung T7 with 1 TB of storage, which are currently benefiting from a nice price drop on Fnac.

The Samsung T7, a renowned SSD for less during the sales!

€40 is what disappears from the price of this Samsung SSD during these summer sales, to the delight of those who want to store their files securely and enjoy fast transfers.

At Fnac, the 1 TB Samsung T7 goes from €159 to €119. Keep reading if you want more info.

The Samsung T7: speed and security

The T7 benefits from a speed that goes up to 1 GB/s. The idea of ​​this product is to be able to extend the storage capacity of your computer for not too much money, while not having to sacrifice speed and portability.

Although an external type SSD is more practical, using this model for a console is also possible. With the space taken by games from current consoles such as the PS5 or Xbox Series X, it’s smart to bet on the T7 to provide more storage and download games at all costs.

An SSD is a bit like the clear evolution of the good old hard drive. Compared to the latter, there is no physical disc that spins to fetch the information on it. On the contrary, everything is electronic, which means that the device is much more compact, much less noisy, but also much less fragile, because no disk to keep straight during use.

The Samsung T7 is a bit of a reference in the field of external SSDs. Everyone knows it, and it is synonymous with reliability and robustness. It is compatible on Android, Mac and Windows. When plugged in, encryption technology protects your personal data using a secret code.

Whether you’re a professional or just someone looking for more storage, you should be thrilled with this purchase. No additional expense to make because two USB-C cables are included with a USB-C output and another in USB-A.

Buy the T7 1TB at 119€ at Fnac

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