“Extreme self-doubt”: Jürgen Drew’s daughter Joelina Drews is going through a difficult time

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Jurgen Drews with Joelina
Daughter Joelina wants to follow in Jürgen Drew’s footsteps. © Imago

Joelina Drews admits mental issues on Instagram. The daughter of hit star Jürgen Drews suffers from strong self-doubt and therefore wants to retire for a while.

Concern for Joelina Drews (27): The daughter of Schlager icon Jürgen Drews (77) announces a break on Instagram. According to her own statements, the pop singer is currently going through a difficult phase and therefore needs time for herself. I’m currently in a situation where I don’t feel comfortable and have extreme self-doubt,” admits the musician in her Instagram story. That’s why she has hardly reported to her fans recently. “[Ich habe es] I also didn’t feel like continuing to make stories where I pretend to be fine,” she explains the silence on her otherwise active account.

So Joelina doesn’t want to fool her followers and prefers to speak openly and honestly about her current state of health. “I just needed a break, also musically, which is why I’ve been releasing less music in the last few months,” she explains.

Joelina Drews: “I’m on the right track”

At the same time, the Drews daughter assures that she is gradually getting closer to her recovery. “But please don’t worry, I’m on the right track and I’m working a lot on myself right now, so I’m slowly getting better,” she emphasizes. She will continue to release songs in the future. “I will never stop making music,” Joelina promises her fans. “As long as I’m allowed to exist on this planet, that’s my greatest passion and everything I live for.”

Joelina Drews (alias Joedy Beats) performs on 07/24/2022 in the ZDF television garden
Joelina Drews (aka Joedy Beats) will perform in the ZDF television garden on July 24th, 2022 © IMAGO/Eibner

However, she had become aware that she often put stones in her own way. “And I have to find a solution for that all by myself and in peace,” explains the “Breakup Song” interpreter. Finally, Joelina adds to her more than 24,000 followers: “I hope you understand that and will continue to be my loyal companions.” She will probably also find consolation with Papa Jürgen Drews during this difficult time. The “King of Mallorca” announced the end of his career this year and can certainly support his daughter.

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